How to Pick Up a Girl

There are plenty of people who are good at picking up girls…but they aren’t good at explaining what they do. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re either destined to be good with girls, or you aren’t. This is a skill anyone can learn.

# Don’t get sucked in to thinking that you can only find girls to date when you’re out at a party or at the bar. They’re on the street, in a store, in class, everywhere you go. Just go out into the world and pay closer attention.
# Start by [[flirt|flirting]] with her a bit.
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Mens Obligation To Women – David DeAngelo Watchdating guru David DeAngelo who specializes in dating advice for men explain mens obligation to women. David DeAngelo is an expert on teaching men how to attract beautiful women and has developed a guide to picking up women which is a comprehensive teaching of the best way to pick up women. You will learn the best places to meet beautiful women and tips on attracting women.
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Make your day funny with Swim Fins

by Buntekuh

Make your day funny with Swim Fins

In today’s world we have to face many aspects regarding the swim fins. We have seen many of the things that are running outdoors. If we consider cycling then we can see that they require training more out side. But this is not the case in swimming. The training of swimming is generally provided indoors rather then to go out doors. There are special workouts which are design to have training. These type of workouts helps and even provide excitement to us.

There are different ideas which are used for this kind of things. These types of classification in swimming pool are generally divided in three categories. The categories are Relays, team and finally racing. The relays consist of a group of 5 to 20 people. In the team there are around 2 to 5 people. And in the racing there is a competition between 2 people. Now here is the detailed description regarding all the three categories. The categories provide Fun with Swim Fins. The best factors of these categories are that they are carried out by using swim fins.

The first design is for the relays which consist of around 5 to 20 people. It helps in proving the skills of the people. Here the people are divided in to 2 to 4 equal groups. The distance is generally kept or about 50 to 100. It is sometimes for 25 also. The procedure starts according to the division. After the completion of the first group the second group starts the procedure. So the procedure goes along this way. As we all know that the relay team generally has 4 people in the groups but it can be more or less than that according to the people participating in it. The relay is said to complete just when the team member touches the wall. These provide very much excitement when the relays are performed by using the swim fins. Relays are generally having fun in them as they carry out various level of experience in skill while performing. It makes easy as the competition with others can also be enjoyed.

The second category is for the team. He team generally consists of 2 to 5 people. It provides a best idea regarding the setting of the timing for achieving the victory in the challenge. The working here is carried out on a proper planning. Here the timing for the completion of the phase is decided prior to the start up. The start up is according to that planning and the finish is also accordingly. It makes this thing very much interesting. Here the calculation of the timing is carried out by everyone. Sometimes it happens that the goal is not achieved according to the decided timings then there is a discussion before the start up of the next race and the lacking factors are discussed. There is an interesting aspect regarding such division that the team member can penalize the member who is responsible for not completing the race in time.

The third and final category for Fun with swim fins is racing. It is directly carried out between two people. This is classified as the most high and toughest version in the Fun with swim fins. Here there is a competition between two people directly. It consists of best of three races. The first race is generally kept neutral. It is only for the free style swimming. The remaining two are tough and they carry hardships with them. If any of the racers who wins the first race gets the direct advantage. Because he has to win only a single race from the remaining two races. The racers then also work hard to improve their timings.


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Q&A: What are some funny things to say with two lungs full of helium?

Question by x The Poison x: What are some funny things to say with two lungs full of helium?
I’ve got a helium balloon in my possession but I’m stuck for something funny to say with a high pitched voice. Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by ɳikki
lewk, i am yer fatha

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

i (“v”) NERDS

Check out these Body Language images:

i (“v”) NERDS

Image by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR
the whoLe gang!!!

i onLy have the shirts that have i ("v") RaLph and i ("x") miLhaus [who’s my favourite].

too bad this shiRt cost …

so, i just took a pix of me trying it on…
heehee o_0

The Heart Of Everything

Image by *Aemaeth*

Tips for Making a Perfect Arrangement for Thanksgiving Party

by Keene and Cheshire County (NH) Historical Photos

Tips for Making a Perfect Arrangement for Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving vacation! What a grand time to have a party. Boys and girls love to dress in costume and a nice idea is to ask each guest to come to the party dressed as a Puritan. Take a tip from this article on how to arrange such wonderful and a nice Thanksgiving party.

A good game to start your party off is “Laughing Handkerchief.” Everybody sits in a circle. “IT” holds a handkerchief in the air while everyone laughs. The harder you laugh the more fun it is. Without warning “IT” drops the hanky. When it hits the floor everyone is supposed to stop laughing and immediately put on a “straight face.” The last one to stop laughing becomes “IT.” This is lots of fun.

When this hilarious game has been played for a bit and while your guests are still seated in a circle, the “Count Your Blessings” game can be played. One child starts off with “I am grateful for apples” or something beginning with the letter “a.” The next child is grateful for something beginning with “b” as “I am grateful for my brother.” The third “c” might say, “I am grateful for children to play with.” So on around the circle and through the alphabet. If a child fails to think of a word beginning with the proper letter he drops out of the circle. The one remaining in the circle longest can be given a chocolate turkey as a prize.

“Indian Trader,” an active game, is a nice change after sitting games. Guests divide into two groups and locate at opposite ends of the room. One group is called “Traders” and the other “Indians.” The traders decide among themselves upon some vegetable to sell to the Indians. When they have chosen one they march across the room and stand before the Indians. A spokesman says “We have a vegetable to sell. Guess what.” As soon as some Indian names the right vegetable all the traders scoot for their own side of the room with the Indians in hot pursuit. If an Indian catches one of the traders, he must join the Indians. Then the Indians take their turn at selling vegetables. This game entertains for some time.

A nice quiet game to follow can be “Questions and Answers,” either oral or written. If written, of course, paper and pencils must be furnished. A suitable and not too hard list is:
1. What is the Thanksgiving fowl? Turkey.
2. Who were guests at the first Thanksgiving dinner? Indians.
3. Who were the hosts at the first American Thanksgiving dinner? Puritans.
4. Name one grain the Pilgrims found in the new world . Corn.
5. At what time of the year did the Pilgrims hold their first Thanksgiving? In the fall after
the Harvest.

If desired a small prize may be given to the one answering correctly the most questions.
Nice refreshments are orange ice and gingerbread turkeys. If there is cold turkey in the house turkey sandwiches are good. Then there always is ice cream. Ice cream in turkey molds and cookies in the shape of pumpkins are sure to please your guests.

Thanksgiving party is very much helpful for the kids. It makes them think what they are grateful for as well as fill them with a great joy and fun being together with friends.

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Ways For You to Attract Beautiful Women

by Ed Yourdon

Ways For You to Attract Beautiful Women

Most men would love to have the ability to attract beautiful women. Why else would magazines with beautiful women on the cover sell so well to men? Yet, this does not seem to be a real possibility for the average guy. The average guy seems to believe that he has to deal with average women as his only possible options. Then there are the guys that do get it. These are the ones that despite not having a lot of money or the best looks, are able to gain the attention and the attraction of sexy women almost wherever they go.

What are some ways that YOU can make this YOUR reality?

1. Don’t limit your options. Just because you don’t think that you earn enough money or that you do not have the luxury car in the parking lot, don’t let that keep YOU from approaching an attractive woman when you see her. You might be surprised at the reaction that you get when you are able to approach a woman and confidently start a conversation with her.

2. Practice, practice. The more times that you get comfortable approaching women, the better your results will be. The shy guy that sits in the corner and does nothing at all but have a look, is NOT the one that gets to date beautiful women. You have to be able to take charge and not mind if you fail once in a while.

3. Work on building rapport. When you can gain enough rapport with a woman right off the bat, you won’t have to worry about all the little details. You will be able to spark attraction with a woman and keep her attention on YOU.

Want to know more ways to attract beautiful women?

Get Your FREE Report that Details HOW to Attract and Seduce Women.

Attract a Woman.

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High Purity

A few nice joke images I found:

High Purity
Image by David Reeves
Spotted on the chemical storage shelf in an adjacent laboratory. Now where did I put the MSDS?

Now included in the Museum of Hoaxes

Image by
Someone emailed me this today, from DP review apparently. Truly a classic, I particularly love the adams mode button and the buttons for beer, wine, pizza and sex.

The call spock button is a nice touch as well 🙂

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‘127 Hours’ chronicles agonizing survival triumph
One of the most triumphant moments in Aron Ralston’s life occurred when he finally managed to break the bones in his lower right arm.
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SAWS web & mobile tips-n-tricks
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Your Body Is A Wonderland

john mayer Your Body Is A Wonderland