How to Pick Up a Girl

There are plenty of people who are good at picking up girls…but they aren’t good at explaining what they do. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re either destined to be good with girls, or you aren’t. This is a skill anyone can learn.

# Don’t get sucked in to thinking that you can only find girls to date when you’re out at a party or at the bar. They’re on the street, in a store, in class, everywhere you go. Just go out into the world and pay closer attention.
# Start by [[flirt|flirting]] with her a bit.
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What does this mean from the Song “Body Language” by Jesse McCartney: You’re banging like a speakerbox?

Question by Bradley R: What does this mean from the Song “Body Language” by Jesse McCartney: You’re banging like a speakerbox?
What does this mean from the Song “Body Language” by Jesse McCartney: You’re banging like a speakerbox ???


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Answer by Lindsey
A speakerbox is banging from the music and the girls body is “banging” as well.

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Body Language FULL song – George Sampson ft Tha Vill

This is Body Language by George Sampson i kno u all want 2 hear it its the full version but there is anotha version of George singing the whole song which he will be releasin soon i do have the song but i cant put it up yet comment and rate plz thanks x

Create chemistry with sexy body language

by James.McDowell

Create chemistry with sexy body language

Certain forms of attraction can have a powerful influence on the opposite sex. Attractive body language is picked up by people on a very deep level of the mind. Experts say body language can account for as much as sixty percent of communication between individuals. Used correctly, it can make someone feel a sense of warmth and familiarity towards you.

We all know how important it is to make a good first impression. When someone meets you for the first time, there are a number of signs they will pick up displayed by your body language. One of these is posture. If you stand up straight with your head held high and your shoulders pushed back, it displays a sense of confidence in yourself. A great smile is also a sign that you are a warm and approachable individual. Making eye contact means you are not afraid of someone and you are eager to get to know them.

A man needs to carry himself as if he is strong and in charge to impress a woman. A woman won’t be interested in a weak and frail man. A woman needs to carry herself in a way which is confident and sexy, commanding a mans respect. No matter what physique you have, the correct body language will portray you as a sexy, confident and attractive person to the opposite sex. This will obviously greatly improve you chance of getting dates and repeat dates.

Body language can be exploited in many ways to attract the opposite sex. A great technique to learn is mirroring. Mirroring is done when you are interacting with someone by watching their movements, waiting a while, and then copying their movements. Be careful not to make it too obvious though. The person you are mirroring will start feeling a sense of closeness and comfort towards you without even realising it. This technique can be employed very successfully in many different situations like watching a movie or having coffee with someone.

It is important to notice your prospective partners body language carefully. After a while, you will learn how to pick up certain signals and respond to them correctly. When a woman plays with her hair or licks her lips, it often means she is in a playful mood and shows some interest in advancing to a physical level with a man. Another sign is when her eyes become soft and she loses concentration. A man will often become touchy and forget what he was saying. His eyes will also become dilated and he may become sweaty and agitated.

All through school, we are never taught the importance of body language in communication. This is a sad fact, because it is a very important part of communication in all human and animal life on Earth. Once you begin to master the correct use of body language, your ability to communicate successfully will increase dramatically. You will be on a whole new level socially.

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A few nice Body Language images I found:

09/19/2008 ~ Body Language @ Nomad Gallery #5940.jpg

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by drtchock Alternative Alternative, Some men are built to attract women naturally, but if you are not, there is hope. Achieving success with women can be very easy, but that is if you know what to do. CLICK BELOW For Website ***

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Most men believe that the reason they are not successful with women is because they are not physically attractive. When a man is overwhelmed by his physical imperfections, he loses the power to pull hot and juicy women into his circle of influence. Click Link For Alternative.
When you lack the boldness that it takes to keep hot women on their toes and the freshness to start and build interesting conversations with women, you would think that dating and keeping beautiful women by an average looking man is unachievable. But the truth is that I have seen average looking guys, I mean ordinary dudes attract and sweep models of their feet. The difference between you and them is that they took time to learn and observed what a woman responds to. Click Link For Alternative.

One quality that women respond to in a man is confidence. When you are a guy full of confidence, a woman recognizes it and something in them makes them want to be close to you. When you are confident, you send out the message that you are in control. If you want to be successful with women, you’ve got to know that 90% of human communication is non-verbal. That means that if you are going to rely on your mouth alone, then success with women will keep eluding you. You must take time to learn how to communicate confidence with your body language. Women will respond to you 90% based on your body languages.
The first organ you need to control if you plan to get anywhere in your quest of attracting more women is your eyes. We all know that eye contact is important, but something funny happens when we make eye contact with another person; we become compelled to respond to them in some manner! When it comes to women, you can use eye contact to find out if she’s open to meeting you. In fact, in a way, she’ll be opening you! So here’s what you do. The next time you see a woman you want to meet, lock your eyes on her! Seriously, just stare at her eyes, even if she’s not looking at you. When people are out and about, they will usually look around to keep aware of their surroundings. This is an unconscious thing we all do. Eventually, the woman you’re locking onto will look around to scan the area.
When she comes to you, her eyes will inevitably meet yours, and you’ll be locked in eye contact. When that happens, simply smile at her. If she smiles back, guess what? She’s open to you meeting her! If she doesn’t, then move on to someone who is. And when she does smile back, say “Hi!” And if she responds – you’re in! Go right into your opener. Click Link For Alternative.

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Alpha Male Attraction – Why You Cannot Give in to a Woman’s Whims

by Dunechaser

Alpha Male Attraction – Why You Cannot Give in to a Woman’s Whims

Men have been struggling to figure out how to attract women since the very beginning of time. Most guys end up trying to do just about anything that they can think of to attract a woman, and when that does not work, they end up either giving up in frustration, or giving in to the first woman they can find. If you want to have women see you as the alpha male, then you cannot give into a woman’s whims. Otherwise, you will end up losing that ‘edge’ and that alpha male attraction.

What you have to remember is that women are going to test you. It’s just a part of the process and the way things work out. If you fail to pass those little tests and you give in to her whims all of the time, she is going to lose attraction for you. Of course, a woman is not going to tell you this. It’s one of those things that you have to kind of figure out on your own, and unfortunately most guys do not.

That’s why you see so many worn and beaten down guys holding on to their wife’s purse as she continues to spend his money and take him for granted.

If you do not want that to be you, and I really hope that you don’t, then you have to make her see you as the alpha male. And the alpha male does not buckle down at the slightest little test that a woman gives him just so that he can get her approval.

Most guys will not end up being seen as the alpha male and they will end up being that guy that is holding onto their wife’s handbag in the mall, but you do not have to let that happen. You also don’t have to become that guy that she turns to for emotional things, but would never even give a thought about dating.

Instead, you can assert yourself as the alpha male and let her know that you are NOT going to just give into her whims and let yourself lose that alpha male attraction that most women find irresistible.

Women are NEVER going to tell you the right way to attract them, you are just supposed to ‘know.’ When you discover how to make women see you as the dominant and desirable man that they are after, then you can attract almost any woman you DESIRE!

Want to know more on how to use alpha male attraction to get the girl and NOT be seen as just a friend to her?

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