☆ ☆OOTD : Navy Blazer & How I rock my Combat Boots☆ ☆

This was so fun to do! I was headed to the mall and had the hubby to assist me, now I see why you all do it! Thanks for watching!
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@LaBellaDonna81 price okkk u don’t have to spend alot of money just mesh it
all together 🙂 thx!!!

Cute Love it…..

@ksg314 Thanks! This was a awesome twist out 🙂

I wish there was a rugged warehouse where I love. :-/ Cute outfit chica!

You look great girl! Nice combo.

The rugged warehouse i used to go to closed about 3 years ago..they have
the best deals and the clothes to last..very nice look..hubby did great! lol

Girl, I got me a pair of combat boots yesterday. you have inspired the look
I’m gonna try. Too cute. I kept thinking… now, I just gotta get me a
blazer. And I’m takin my behind right to the thrift store! holla ! 🙂

LOVED the look and the prices were AWESOME!! LOL

super cute!!…luv the boots!

@WandraE74 Hey 🙂 thx doll!! Really! Yes soooo comfortable !


I love your style! this outfit is definitely cute!

Love the look and the hair. I went back to black too in the hair

@Malindi1973 He did didn’t he lol!! Yes for the past year I frequent there
to shop and always find at least 1 thing before leaving 🙂 THANK U!! I
bring a solid $20 bill in and that’s all as if I’m thrifting :)ha

@SimplYounique girl IKR!!! I think I saw Borderhammer video a long time ago
talking about it and for the past year I have racked up for the low low!!
thx girl

@NaturallyCreole thanks girl! I bet u racked up! I bring a single $20 in
knowing something is in there with my name on it!!! I was so glad they
didn’t close my STORE!!!haaa

You go Sis!! 🙂 Love the twist-out and the outfit.. *Hugs* Mylaylay18


Love it! I’m going thrifting today too.

@TrialBlazer2k9 thx 🙂

Super cute! Hair is bangin’ too!

Hey girl- I love that style. I wore something similar on Friday! Great
attire and so comfortable.

@louloumatou thx 🙂 comfortable! Two kids equal no heels at the mall 🙂 I’m
loving my dark hair 🙂

Cute cute!! I used to rack up at Rugged Wearhouse! I was SO mad when they
closed both stores where I live. The closest one is an hr away 🙁 Time for
a mini road trip anyway!!

@NuNaturalness thanks 🙂

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