10 Style Rules Every Man Should Know | Men’s Fashion Guidelines To Follow | Style Rules For Men

10 Style Rules Every Man Should Know | Men's Fashion Guidelines To Follow | Style Rules For Men

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Looks like SSgt D’amico in the back of the group of marines at 3:21

Antonio, thank you, I’ve just picked up my first sport jacket from a custom
tailor for a total cost of around $200USD including the fabric and I love
it, it may not be as refined or fancy but considering all the research I’ve
put into the design and picking out the best fabrics for my budget, I’m
happy with my result, I was quite late in picking my jacket up though but
this also led to the tailor telling me that he’s been given offers for the
jacket, (what a complement) truly your style tips, content and references
to other well dressed men have helped me in producing a well made piece I
will enjoy wearing for years and years to come… once more thank you God
bless you and family…

Awesome. All 10 of these are very strong points. Thanks for the great

I’m really glad that I came across your channel. Really interesting stuff!

Great video. You look a little strange without that lapel design–which I
still don’t know the name of!

Especially when you mentioned practice!

I absolutely love your videos. I usually don’t care how I look and your
videos have completely changed that.

being a professional musician has been one of the greatest assistants
towards making me dress sharp.

One of the best channels on youtube. Keep up the good work!

Really like how you said that if you don’t have time whit something, it
ain’t a priority… Kinda true. 

Excellent video Antonio!

Still really confused about dressing nice. I’m constantly on the move
between work and school. Work has a uniform but in college, nothing. All i
wear are shirts and jeans and buttoned flannels and sweaters. I don’t know
how to do it. 

I don’t usually hit the like button on a video before watching it—–but
when I do, it’s Antonio Centeno.

Another great video dude!

Another great video, still working on trying to build my wardrobe little by

I break world records. Why care about appearance YOU ask? What REALLY is
appearance? I don’t even wear clothes. I love clothes. I love hats. But do
TELL. Why does “APPEARANCE” matter? Does winning a WHOLE lot MATTER?

But you are worthy. I’m just some little dummy who has broke and is still
breaking world records. Just me….

I am guilty of number 3, I don’t know how to take compliments.

I like a lot of these videos… but I strongly disagree that one absolutely
MUST look good to have good relationships and a good life, etc.

I’m 17, gonna be a chef some day. I’m still going to gymnasium, and
probably every guy in there dresses so poorly (jumpers, sneakers).
Personaly I wear black jeans, dark black jacket, white or blue shirt and a
tie, with brown suede shoes + accessories tie clip, watch, and a suitcase.
But the thing is this look doesn’t represent me, my personality, or my
future profesion. And wearing clothing like this is really expensive. I
cant afford it, becouse my mom and dad have to buy everything for me. Any
advice in this situation???

Thanks for the tips, I’m about to get my first suit tomorrow. 🙂 I
liked your second point about the history of the suits, I’m a really skinny
femme looking guy (I’m a 12 grader but I’m a late bloomer xD) but that gave
me the confidence to stop dressing like cave-man and think about redefining
my wardrobe.

you should be working as the editor of men’s health megazine . Thanks for
the great information 

Also I have a peacoat

I always wear a suit when I attend Sunday church service. However, in the
church where I attend only one other man regularly wears a suit or even
tie. Although I received compliments from many of the women in the church,
I decided to dress down to blend in. After hearing your excellent video I
will continue to dress in a suit as this is the way I feel most comfortable
in church. No judgement on my brothers but this is my style. Thank you! 

Man you are awesome

I’ve recently thrown out all my old stuff and started over and it’s really
amazing to watch attitudes around you change when your not afraid to be the
best dressed in the room. That point stood out to me

nice tips thanks

Do you have videos on Big Men spring, summer & fall? Do you have a list of
suggested items for each season? We are looking for business casual to wear
daily. I want to know what items you suggest for casual vacation, but still
have a nice look. By the way, We LOVE your videos. We have your book too.

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