10 Tips For Men To Attract Women By KarenLee Poter (LoveEncore)

Please note: This video applies to married as well as single men. It’s what women want their men to look, smell, taste, sound and feel like. What can me do t…
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Men: Here’s what women want – Listen up!

How do you get a woman attracted to you? Single or married – here is the
truth -10 tips for men 

This is highly entertaining for men, women, single or married. It’s also
pretty informative so check out this #fridayfun 5 min video that features
me and my 2 #hot friends.

10 tips for men that women can relate to – very funny

Thanks for the invite! Looks like a great community. Check out 10 tips for
men you won’t want to miss

The teeth are one of the first things I focus on when I meet a woman. She
can be a hottie on the outside, but if her teeth are unattractive…See ya!

Cool. I’d say I have all that. I’m turning 20 in a month. I know how to hit
on girls my age decently, but if I want to hit on girls like you all on
vacation or something….what should I do? lol

Men ask – We respond: How do I get a #cougar or any #confident single
woman? 10 Tips For Men To Attract Women By KarenLee Poter (LoveEncore)

Check out this video on YouTube: 10 tips you won’t want to miss. Game

Karen is fine as hell!


Hey Karen thanx for the 2 timely responses…I kinda repeated myself here
because i couldnt find where i commented earlier…today i remembered this
comment and as a bonus found your response from the other day as
well..thanx again…keep up the good work…Im sure at some point i will
suscribe…ciao ciao for now!!! RT

Men: Are you wondering how to #attract #sexywomen women? Watch this 5 min
video with 10 great tips by #KarenLee Poter.

If men do all those things on the list women will be attracted to them? I
find it hard to believe. 

What about older men that are attracted to cougars…I like yur show by the
way…but i do feel cougars miss out by going for the cubs over men their
age or a little older that are in shape, have experience, are good lovers,
maybe even more appreciative and could possibly have more in common…what
do you think?


10 tips? Oh, those tips. LOL

Have to agree with your list. If a man is looking for a relationship with
a Cougar, etc. then make the effort to look and be your best.

Stevhani — YES…I would LOVE…and love for her to work my balls all she
wants!! LOL!!

Another fun video…with sexy chemistry! GOT a SUPER big smile with the
kisses at the end! ;0)

Is there some way we can talk privately?

Kale Greens hmmmm. anyone else catch that someone likes facials

@ralphturturro I think you are absolutely right. I firmly believe that age
is just a number and I wouldn’t discard a man because he was my age or
older. I’m in a relationship with a younger guy because of who he is not
his age. I should create a video clarifying this. Thank you, and know that
I appreciate the support and comments. Please share and subscribe :)

10 Tips For Men To Attract Woamen By

10 tips for married or single men you won’t want to miss. It’s really funny
for us women too. Please support my channel by subscribing :)

Of course once you are dating someone, be careful of anyone who is afraid
to even think ahead to the following day. It’s OK to make some plans like
calling each other. more dating tips in:

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