2010 Funny Jokes About Tiger Woods

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2010 Funny Jokes About Tiger Woods

Firm believer in Nike

Gatorade® recently terminated it’s Sponsorship Agreement with Tiger Woods along with dropping the slogan, “Is it in you?™” Nike® will keep Tiger as a spokesman and continue with the motto, “Just do it.™”

To speed up or not to

Tom Brady gets stop by a police officer for doing 200mph in a 40mph zone…. “(officer) Tom why you going so fast? Without a valid reason I’m going to have to arrest you!”…. “(tom) Officer, officer I just herd Tiger Wood’s car was seen parked outside my house!!”… “(officer) In that you need to speed up!”

The Pope and Tiger Woods

The Pope and Tiger Woods died on the same day and because of an administrative mix up the Pope went to hell and Tiger Woods went to heaven. The Pope explains the situation to the administrative clerk in hell, and after checking the paperwork admits that there is an error.

“However”, the clerk explains, “it would be 24 hours before it can be rectified”. The next day the Pope is called and Hell’s staff bids him farewell. On the way up, the Pope meets Tiger Woods coming down from heaven and they stop to have a chat.

“Sorry about the mix up”, apologizes the Pope.

“No problem” replied Tiger Woods.

Pope: “I am really anxious to get to heaven.”

Tiger: “Why is that?”

Pope: “All my life I have wanted to meet the Virgin Mary.”

Tiger: “You’re a day late.”


Tiger Woods, Santa Claus and Energizer bunny

What’s similar about Tiger Woods and the Energizer bunny?

They both just keep going.

What’s the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa clause?

Santa stops after 3 ho’s


Other funs about Tiger Woods:


A lion wouldn’t cheat on his wife, but a Tiger Wood.


How does Tiger Woods get a hole in one almost every time? He gets lots of practice.


Tiger Woods has gotten so wild with his driver that he keeps knocking it into the bushes on the wrong hole.


I heard that Tiger Woods has hired Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary to George W. Bush, to help him map a plan for his return to golf… I guess he wants to be remembered as the worse golfer of all time!


clone golf clubs

Does Tiger Woods ever use clones? Yes, when he is with his mistresses.

Delicate knockoff

Taylormade R9 Irons clones  8.99 for sale


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