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How to Understand Women Better – Seduce Women Guide

When you are able to uncover the well-guarded secrets of womanhood, you will be able to pick women up more efficiently. … If you are able to uncover that, attracting and seducing women will become your second nature.

Seductions of Rice : A Cookbook by Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford (1998, HC)

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Should I believe my husband, or the “other woman”?

Question by this_is_it: Should I believe my husband, or the “other woman”? My husband was (maybe, maybe not) talking to this chick at his job, he had called a number and when he didn’t come home from work I called it to see if he was there. To my surprise a chick answered and just […]

Nice Seduction photos

Check out these seduction images: Lingerie Football League – Dallas Desire vs. San Diego Seduction Image by John Pozadzides Photo taken at the September 3, 2010 Lingerie Football League game between the Dallas Desire and the San Diego Seduction. —————— Licensed under a creative commons share-alike. Use freely but give attribution to John P. and […]

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Q&A: Minor Laws in Mexico?

Question by Nacho: Minor Laws in Mexico? My fourteen year old cousin was on a trip to Mexico about a year ago and he willingly had sex with a nineteen year old. Is that legal in Mexico, for a minor and an adult to have sex? Best answer: Answer by KateLooks legal. “The age of […]

Seduce Men With These Powerful Sex Pheromones for Women!! ADD TO YOUR PERFUME!

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The PPA Awards | Pick Up Artist: Thundercat

Also known as Thundercat by the seduction community, he possesses the ability to put himself in your shoes to help you learn how to be successful in having the relationship and the girl that you desire. ..

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