A Sharp Dressed Man – Why men should care about personal appearance – fashion style advice

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Hi, Antonio!

Want to say that I like your videos. Furthermore, it likte to tell you to
slow the pace and take pauses sometimes when you speak, it it difficult to
listen to you sometimes. Maybe, this has changed now, but I though it would
be good to know. And don’t start with saying that we should subscribe, it
sounds forced.

Antonio, could you make a video on some style tips for high school age
males? I am going to a new school starting in August, and I want to
overhaul my look. As a HS student, I don’t think wearing clothing that is
too formal would be a good idea; do you have any tips for how to look sharp
as a high school student/what to wear as a high school student? 

To Serve Men endorses!

So, how do I dress sharp with clothing that doesn’t fit?

Great channel Antonio!.I work in men’s fashion.I cannot believe how many
men,and women,don’t know the basics of fashion.I wish I could share these
videos with them!

Hi Antonio, I wish you could Give some of my friends a good talking to on
tips for appearances, I am on a weekly basis asked if I am a a Fashion
designer or a CEO, when really I work in a backdock as a storeman, every
week, NO matter the weather or situation, I never EVER dress down!!!,(well
except for a pool party) here in Australia people dress down even for the
best of occasions, I went to a wedding a a couple where in Jeans a Short
sleeve shirts and not even dress shoes more like black retail shoes and its
sad, But not me, I believe the way a suit is not a man “a Man IS A a suit”
“a suit doesn’t make a man look good, a man MAKES a suit look good 🙂 

He raised some points I hadn’t thought of before. I may want to think about
what is in my closet.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say. I’ve learned more about the
importance and affects of physical appearance in this past year than I ever
have in my entire life. One thing I really like about what you said was
‘initial impressions’ and the notion of being a good dresser yourself makes
you truly appreciate the sharp appearance of a woman because you know ‘as a
man’ how much preparation it takes to look good when you leave the house as
well as when you enter it. This is all so true!!

What do you think about facial hair?

Very interesting and useful video. Thanks!

style =/= well dressed you’re totally boring

Thank you sir.

that FBI study was interesting, but remember, it was a group study. What
you wear therefore doesn’t necessarily effect how you behave, it could be
how you see the ppl around you dressed that influences you. Or in this
case, it seems more likely that how they were dressed made them form
preconceptions about what the types of actions that were expected from them
by the testers.

You are correct this is BS. There is now way he is NOT breaking the law!!
Well that is my first impression of his text. What you are not thinking
through is that what is on the inside is soooooo much more of importance.
BUT not looking scruffy allows 99% of people meeting you to more quickly
get to know you on the inside. Putting more effort into your appearance is
only an act of deception if you have no integrity.

Thank you.

@saintben2008 But you could make even more “mad money” if you enhanced your

Thank you sir.

@saintben2008 yep this is bullshit!

zz top already told me why

@yourmalm Thank you sir for the great example!

Mr. Centeno, quick question. As a college student, I dress well. And by
doing so, I have created strong and positive first impressions. At the same
time, however, some people assume I’m an uptight person whos trying too
hard to impress, and thus, it can create a negative impression. So I wonder
if dressing sharp always leads to positive first impressions or if negative
impressions are inevitable as well? Thanks.


HI, can you message me with an answer to a question.. I love the whole men
taking care of themselves idea. I dress GQ.. heres the problem. I meet
girls and the problem is they assume I’m rich.. i dress like male model/gq
style. Anywyas, when they find out I live in a duplex, dont drive a bmw..
it just seems like I’m trying too hard to dress nice.. like I”m trying to
dress like I have money, when I really dont and I get the feeling these
girls think i’m trying too hard. comments????

First off I would like to say; great video, i’m glad I found the channel!
What I would like to ask however, is could you explain the lapels on your
jacket, most ones I have come across are symmetrical notched or peaked
lapels, but yours is not. I was hoping you would explain what it is and why
you chose it. (not very related to the video I know, but oh well) Thanks

great video man, There’s nothing wrong with dressing up as a man.

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