A white sport coat and a pink carnation

my grandparents 50th anniversary and the years leadint up to it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Talk about Pure/Simple and lots of class.Great recording sound as well.This
comes from a very loud rock guitar player.You just have to tip your hat
with respect to an artist like this.I just love this pure sound and song as

Jimmy Buffet names one of his albums “A White Sports Coat and a Pink

whos singing

I was 14 living in Argentina and we dance at the parties with him

Was popular in 1957 around Graduation time in June..

this song makes my hair curl at the back of my neck!!!!

This song was all the rage in ’57, when I graduated h.s. Unfortunately, or
not, I missed graduation ceremonies. Was in hospital with the same problem
that made Rush Limbaugh “miss” the military service (poor baby!), a
pilonoidal cyst excision. Had to have it removed, again, in AF. What fun!
They used local anes- thetic. Not bad. Spinal tap, 1st time, gave me
headaches 2 wks., when sitting/stan- ding. Rough! BTW, Marty’s great, as
usual. Conniff, too.

1 of my all time favorites!Thanks for the posting…. good stuff!

great vid bro


this was a big hit when I was in high school.

Lovely, lovely. Five stars for music and pictures!

im 15 in 1 day and i love clasic and modern county (no chick songs)in fact
my favourate singer is the immortal johnny cash

i just love your whole video reminds me of day gone by but not forgotten
……….yes those were the years ….music brings people so close
although they will never meet thanks again

This tune is so haunting. I must have repeated it something like 50 times.
I never heard it before. I can’t get it out of my head and I wasn’t even
born when it was made. Great stuff, and nice vid.

I much prefer Terry Dene’s version.

Marty robbins is the man ..awesome

How great, really cool stuff!

i meet marty at concert i had breathing problems it was a very long line to
get his autograph he guided me to the front of the line i was at the very
back told me son u dont have to wait ill sign 4 u now left me with a very
good impression on me i try to help ppl when i can

@Labaron26 I’ll admit, Garth Brooks was my childhood hero, but I will
always have a special place in my heart for classic country music. The
Possum (George Jones), The Red Headed Stranger (Willie), The Voice (Vern
Gosden), The Hillbilly Cat (Elvis), Conway & Loretta, The Man In Black,
Charley Pride, Charley Walker, Red Sovine, Grandpa Jones, Little Jimmy
Dickens, ect..

I forgot to mention that white 1959 Ford 2dr hardtop in the video
…..another classic from this era of innocence !!!

Marty is way out of C&W and into pop on this one. Employing the “sound” of
’58. It paid off because this was a big hit competing against Elvis, Ricky
Nelson and all the reigning gods of the period.

They played this @ my grandparent’s anniversary party 2 years ago:)

What a beautiful posting, it remembers me in 1955-56, in my parent’s car,
dreaming of my girl……congratulations, your grand-parents are lucky to
have you

Here’s to “The Greatest Generation” this Nation ever produced ! … Keep
playing them good ol’ boy & gal songs! … Country Songs of America ! ~

Do want!

His outros are always like “Buy my stuff, bye!”

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