A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation by Marty Robbins (1981)

Mr Marty Robbins tears the house down with his classic song! Keep an eye out for 1:10 or so, when he really tears it up! Right on!

Charted at #62 on Billboard Hot 100 in May 1957. The last Billboard chart entry for this singer who was quite popular from the 1940’s to the mid-1950’s. Orig…
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I loved this song as a youngster. I still love it! Mr. Marty Robbins was
given the special gift of singing from God..no doubt! 

My wife wouldn’t let me play this song at our wedding but I wore a white
tux jacket and a carnation saying it was inspired by Humphrey bogart in
Casablanca. Ga ha. 

class act

A lot of years ago I worked on an Australian prawn boat. We sang this song
working on deck, but the words were “A white sport coat and a pink
crustacean.” I just thought you should know that.

what year did he die? I saw him in concert afew times…awesome

good song if he shave that shit off his face

he looks like he has so much fun singing.

My name sake ! (THE GREAT LATE MARTY ROBBINS) I was born the year he came
out with this song 1956 ! I’m pleased to have this name and I love every
song he did; He is one of the best ever song writer’s and singer’s ever !

Simply, the best!

I think of this alot.Heard it long long ago.I always like it.

One of the great underrated artists. Thanks for uploading. 🙂

thanks for sharing this great music with everyone marty was a great

@WildmanWoodie I first heard this song played on the radio when i was 16 yo
in Adelaide ,Australia. I am 68 yo now,but still get blown away,when i hear
this & any Marty song.If you get a chance,listen ” A Walking Piece Of
Heaven ” . In my opinion his best ever.Long live Marty & his music.The best
C & W voice ever,except for maybe Jim Reeves.

thanks marty we all make up the Human race!

When Marty performs everyone has a great time, even Marty. He was what a
real performer really is. This song is a favorite of mine. Guess I can say
been there, done that, and Marty put it to music. Love ya Marty

wonderful music you can just listen to all day, ahhhh, he was the best
singer, his voice is a gift.

i absolutely love Marty singing this song.i am abig fan due to my late
grandads choice of 8 track tapes in his land rover and tractor when i was
wee.when you get older its great to find these songs again.a connection to
good times.xx

I loved Marty Robbins as a kid. Peace & Love, Rick

Marty sings this song so well!! Everytime I hear this song I feel so sorry
for the “character” …I want to cry along with him!!!

Couldn’t agree more John. They don’t make ’em like Marty anymore.

I just wish I could have a beer with Marty….


really love this song….

@WildmanWoodie I agree with you 100% such a great talent to bad he had to
leave us .1949sorful….

@gloheart1 it was a pop chart hit in the mid 50’s. Marty wrote it.

Marty Robbins is fantastic but let’s give Johnny Desmond his due!

He’s a great crooner

@lateforbreakfast I like Robbins the best too, but Johnny did a good job.
Thanks for listening!

Love this song. When I was little my family would sit around a bone fire
and sing old songs that my grandma sang to us. Good times :)..

Great version, not heard of him before.

Never heard this version before, its pretty good but to me Marty Robbins
had the best version

he can sing

@BRG1942 Not many have heard this one, glad you enjoy it!

This song can compare with Marty Robbins

Up till now I’d never heard any but Marty Robbins’ version. I think I like
this one better.

Two lousy versions charted in the UK leaving Marty not having a hit, but
this is quite a nice version which Marty would possibly have approved of.
Marty must have been the most covered American artist in the UK in the

Although I had always associated this song with Marty Robbins, I actually
prefer this version somewhat more. Thanks for posting it!

When I hear this song I remember my mother and dad

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