Alpha Male Attraction – Why You Cannot Give in to a Woman’s Whims

by Dunechaser

Alpha Male Attraction – Why You Cannot Give in to a Woman’s Whims

Men have been struggling to figure out how to attract women since the very beginning of time. Most guys end up trying to do just about anything that they can think of to attract a woman, and when that does not work, they end up either giving up in frustration, or giving in to the first woman they can find. If you want to have women see you as the alpha male, then you cannot give into a woman’s whims. Otherwise, you will end up losing that ‘edge’ and that alpha male attraction.

What you have to remember is that women are going to test you. It’s just a part of the process and the way things work out. If you fail to pass those little tests and you give in to her whims all of the time, she is going to lose attraction for you. Of course, a woman is not going to tell you this. It’s one of those things that you have to kind of figure out on your own, and unfortunately most guys do not.

That’s why you see so many worn and beaten down guys holding on to their wife’s purse as she continues to spend his money and take him for granted.

If you do not want that to be you, and I really hope that you don’t, then you have to make her see you as the alpha male. And the alpha male does not buckle down at the slightest little test that a woman gives him just so that he can get her approval.

Most guys will not end up being seen as the alpha male and they will end up being that guy that is holding onto their wife’s handbag in the mall, but you do not have to let that happen. You also don’t have to become that guy that she turns to for emotional things, but would never even give a thought about dating.

Instead, you can assert yourself as the alpha male and let her know that you are NOT going to just give into her whims and let yourself lose that alpha male attraction that most women find irresistible.

Women are NEVER going to tell you the right way to attract them, you are just supposed to ‘know.’ When you discover how to make women see you as the dominant and desirable man that they are after, then you can attract almost any woman you DESIRE!

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