ANNA VISSI – LIVE! RAH Kanenas (anna flirts with crowd)

Anna Vissi gave an incredible 3 hour performance 1 week after Eurovision at London’s Royal Albert Hall in June 2006. Kanenas moro mou de mpeni anamesa mas NO ONE my baby will get between us Skotono sou leo gia hari tou erota mas I kill for our love Kanenas ston kosmo empodio de tha gini NO ONE will ever get in our way of love Tipota emas tous dyo de mas horizi nothing will ever separate us
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Anna Rocks

actually anna vissi was born at 20/12/1957 and madonna at 16/8/1958

What a lovely song. Anna is great anyway. She puts her all into her live performances.


“Good for you” LoL ;D

Anna u r incredible!!!

fllippos 1821 of course she’s not!!! but anna is!! <3 <3 <3 and omg she's soo crazy!! ˝i would kill 4you,i would kill 4you...would youkill 4me?? ˝ LOOOOOOOOOLLL!! she's so funny!! 1:28 to the end is THE BEST!! i'm laughing all the time!! she's the best <3 wild angel <3

madonna is not beautiful…i think she hasn’t got even a nc voice..,

I love her too^^ she looks even better than her daughter 😀 LOL

no comment!!!!!

she is beautiful for her age

Yeah, i stiil can’t believe sye is 50!))))

I can’t believe she is 50!!! 100 times sexier than Madonna who is only 49!!!

Muxaxaxaxaxa, I love Anna, but not live!
Her voice is so different!

She is amazing PERFORMER.Great voice and such a harizma!PERFECTION!

Poor english guy, he got a dose of a hot Greek woman! His wet lap will never be the same !

xazo anna

lol. “I kill for you. I would kill for you. Would you kill for me? LIAAAAAAAR!” Gotta love Anna.

lol ” i kind of like you” mana mou anna ayaboseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

She is the best!
Oxi oxi oxi
She is the best in the whole world!Forever and ever!
She is QUEEN
She is DIVA!
She is GODESS!

ena sunefo..perastiko.htan kai auto..LAKI mou lool

is she cumin bac to the UK?? hope so wud love a chance to see her – im not greek but i love greece and love anna!!

I love her!!!

lmaooo any body else here who is not greek or cipriot?? LOL go anna

ME 2 lol…in jan when she cums

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