Any recommendation for sports coat?

sport coat
by nan palmero

Question by Makan79: Any recommendation for sports coat?
I’m going to shop around for sports coat, but I don’t know which one(s) would look good on me. I’m tanned skin, 5’9″ with black hair, somewhat muscular but very lean waist. I want to know the criteria(s) of sports coat that will fit my look. I want to wear it to high-end parties, clubs, bars.

Also, do you have any recommended brands or some great looking sports coats you found online (with the urls)?
Here’re some examples of sports coat I’m referring to:
I forgot to mention that I’m a guy 🙂

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Answer by Miranda
I don’t know what you mean by sports coat. Like a jacket? I just got a new snowmobiling jacket so I don’t know if thats what your looking for! Its by Marshall Racing and its very good quality! and super warm! it’s pink and black and cuuuuute!

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