Approach Anxiety – A Lifelong Fear With a Simple Solution

Approach Anxiety – A Lifelong Fear With a Simple Solution

Approach anxiety has got to be one of the most common problems for many men in today’s society when it comes to picking up women. Once this fear has gone there is nothing stopping a guy picking up any girl he chooses whenever he wants to. All it then takes is to learn a few canned routines and off you go, improving along the way.

So what is “approach anxiety”? In simple terms approach anxiety is the irrational fear of approaching women. When I say “irrational” I mean that there is no real basis for men to react in this way when they want to approach a girl. Yes, they may have had a bad experience once where a girl had rejected them and ever since they have a problem with relationships in general but it is my belief that this fear is all down what we ‘associate’ to having a relationship with a girl.

What do I mean by this? Let me explain. If a guy was once rejected by a girl, publicly or otherwise, then that guy could then ‘associate’ a feeling of pain and rejection to either meeting a women, trusting a woman or maybe having a relationship with her. There is only one way of destroying this limiting belief and that is by facing your fear and developing a ‘thick skin’ so to speak.

Lets look at this more closely. How do we develop a “thick skin”? The simple answer is to get rejected more. “What?!? But ‘aint we trying to avoid approach anxiety here??” No, we are not. We are going to deal with the problem, not avoid it. The only way to destroy approach anxiety is to approach more women and if you get rejected just take it on the chin, smile and move on to the next girl.

Listen, every guy who has ever been successful with women has been rejected many, many times guaranteed! They just learn to deal with it and move on. That’s why now you can watch PUA’s approaching and opening 20 sets a night in the a club or bar easily. Obviously they have the skill set to back them up and the confidence to pull it off but they had to learn this too. I was reading the other day about one of Europe’s best pick up artists having never even kissed a girl until age 21!

This is what I want you to do and I promise you that you will be free of approach anxiety in no time. I want you to go out at least once a week and just practice opening up sets. Any sets. If there’s no one who catches your eye, so what!? Open them anyway. All we want is practice. Being sociable and talkative as a matter of course will greatly boost your confidence. You need to be opening at least 20 sets a week. Just open, make polite convo for a short time then make your exit. Thats it. Obviously, god forbid, if you actually find your having fun chatting to a group of girls continue on. Who knows, you might like it?

Try it. Open 20 sets a week for a period of around a month or two and you will find your approach anxiety will, if not totally disappear, diminish greatly.

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