Are double breasted suits (coats) out style/fashion?

Question by Martin K: Are double breasted suits (coats) out style/fashion?
I have quite a nice and definitelly not cheap suit from about 5 or 6 years ago and wonder whether it is inappropriate to wear it. I am going to a reception in a couple of weeks and I am not sure whether to try to borrow something more stylish or just go in my double breasted suit (coat) with six buttons.

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Answer by tsopolly
I think a double-breasted suit looks sharp. In fact, I think they look a little bit more upscale than a regular suit. I say wear it.

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Double breasted suits will never go out of style, just depends on color and style (stripes, etc) Dress it up with a coordinating shirt, tie and loafers….you’re good to go…and hot.

Double Breasted suits never go out of style but I would only wear ond to something more formal. Single is the craze now and they are usually more casual. but it all depends on how you wear it and your personal style

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