are “mail order bride sites” legit?

by Ed Yourdon

Question by hieishin88: are “mail order bride sites” legit?
are “mail order bride sites” legit? i dont want a mail order bride or anything. but there was this 1 russian dating site that i kinda liked. but there were still some things about it that didnt add up or seemed fishy. what percent of these type “date european women” sites are legit?

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Answer by jagannath_kr
Try & see like.

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Ask yourself why would these women want to date someone from another country when it is not geographically convenient for them in the longterm?
Because they have an alterior motive, be it money, greencard or a better lifestyle. Some are even men, those are the ones who ask for money before you even meet them.
If you can handle a person being with you (and probably leaving as soon as they get what they really want) without any real love, then yes, the sites are “legit”.
As long as you expect to be ripped off in some way then you can;t be disappointed.

…..Go stiffler, go stiffler, go stiffler…… my daughters godfather married a filipina girl and has been paying for it ever since….Dont do it !! stiffler is perfectly correct and sooner or later men change when they marry these women, they become money motivated because their woman is sending every penny back home “for his retirement”. Any man that marries one of these web site women is heading for a downfall.

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