Are women threatened by fashion-forward men?

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Question by The Equalist: Are women threatened by fashion-forward men?
I asked a few days ago about red jeans, and a few women said that “red jeans make you look gay”, and that “guys shouldn’t wear colored jeans”. And that we should only wear regular blue jeans, and maybe black jeans or grey-wash jeans. I have all those already.

Of course, I didn’t take their advice, and went out and bought me some red jeans, white jeans, brown jeans, and solid royal blue jeans (like these: ). Wore them all out in the city.

So I just want to know why the double-standards? Back in the day, pants was men’s-only clothing. And you don’t see men calling women “gay” for wearing pants or telling them they shouldn’t wear “blue”. Are women threatened by the men that like to be creative in how they dress? Do women think fashion-forwardness should only be owned by women? Are women threatened by men being liberated and not constrained by what he wants to wear?
Yeah Tracey, if I saw a *WOMAN* dressing like Liberace, I’d think she would be weird and overdoing it as well.

But yeah, I’m 100% straight, but, I’ve always been involved in “the arts” since childhood. I currently just came out of an art school and now work as a graphic artist. I play music. And, I like being creative with how I dress. I color-coordinate my outfits as well. I find that men are allowed freedom in every artform EXCEPT fashion. With the way we dress, we have to pretend to be unconcerned, and we have to be more restricted and subdued as to what we can wear.
Aycora: I guess you’re one of the women that feels “threatened” by a fashion-forward male. If a man dresses nicely or is creative, you feel “less feminine” around him? Alrighty then. Sounds a lot like the guys that say that they feel less masculine when a woman is taking charge and independent.

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Answer by Aycora
In the 70s, men could wear bright red bell bottom jeans, but I think the standards are more conservative now. I don’t mind fashion conscious men, but sometimes peacock men can make a woman feel like she isn’t very feminine. I do like the dandy types but they have to have the right attitude to go along with it… eccentric. I’m not into metrosexuals, they aren’t caveman enough for me.

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well maybe not threatened exactly..

It depends on the woman. I don’t mind men who wear unusual clothing because it usually signifies that he is a non-comformist, comfortable in his sexuality and doesn’t care what others think of him, which usually means he is a person with a good sense of self.

Obviously, there’s a line to be drawn. If he’s running around dressed like Liberace, that’s something entirely different.

I asked my confidants…my sisters. Both tell me that while they would prefer a guy dress more conservative than they, both like a splash of color in a guy’s shirt. Slax (and I agree) should be dark or neutral. I agree cuz us guys are more prone to getting dirty than the girls and hence more inclined to be better off with something that hides the mess. So from my vantage point…yes there is a double standard.

No one is stopping a man from wearing whatever he wants. However, current fashion trends lean more on the darker color side for pants. Very few men (gay and straight) wear bright color pants and sleeveless shirts are no longer popular (unlike in the 90s)

I don’t think that women feel threatened about a man’s appearance as much as they still want their men to appear masculine. Most women appreciate a guy’s sensitive side, but if he begins to dress and act like a woman it is a bit of a turnoff.

Also, most women who wear pants wear them tighter than most men. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

My husband likes fashionable stuff but I wouldnt want him wearing red jeans cause they arent nice looking. the same as if a girl said she was buying red jeans I would tell her not to.

My bf is so conservative and subdued in his clothing choices it might wake me out of my coma to see bright colors. Be yourself. I am not ‘threatened’ by fashion-foward men, I think they’re interesting and probably have interesting ideas for women too.

Really, do dyed jeans look good on ANYONE? But I’ve always thought that if women can dress like men, the opposite can be feasible.

Men have revolutionized the fashion industry. They don’t have to be “gay” to love or design fashion. Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, etc. They’re icons in the fashion world. They’re all married to women, too (or have been in the past).

A fashion-conscious man is called a “fop” by the way.

Hang out with more art-school women.

No, we are not threatened by fashion forward men.

nor are we threatened by men who wear colored jeans.

It’s a necessary distinction to make.

Fashion forward men don’t threaten me at all. And, if you are happy and confident in your masculinity, I don’t think you should let it bother you.

Bring back cloaks and trench coats (which have stigmatized by goths) and black hats and we’ll have great looking man-fashion again.

Im a peacock

Women dont like it,, but you know who likes it the conservative women, I dont know why but it happens , I guess opposite attracts, for some funny reason muslim women who wears the headcovering dressing seems to like me the way I am

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