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Lies lol I tried asking a random out after I had ran ten km and they just said take a fucking shower

this video is all LIES!!! this is more like “how to push a woman away….and im a 13 yr old dude and i no dis!!!!

I’m a girl. I’m told i’m extremely picky too. And i found this video on my monthly visit to Youtube last month, but i was too busy to reply.
1. Act as if, isnt good in the way you explained it. I HATE cocky ass guys. You are not getting any with that shit. But be confident still, and to me if someones happy they seem all the more confident.
2. Observing could be useful.
3. And it does matter what we think, because if your sitting there with an attitude like you’re too good for me, hell no.

it does matter what she thinks because if she thinks your an asshole your not gonna get the girl (if that is what you ment)

WTF is this shit? People don’t listen to this shit there is no manual on how to get a girl. All you gotta do is man up and go for it like a man.

Why is your site for men only? What about women seeking women?

im young and i learned in only like 2 months that you cant worry about all the stupid stuff and tips these types of videos give you, the only thing i do is talk to them on a real basis and forget all the things this video just said, and i talk to a bunch of girls, but confindence is key, be confindent of what you do have and not of how many girls you can try and get in one night, BTW this video is 100% wrong and showing off confindence can get her attention very quickly

@Leapfrog0123 Dude you want a girl just go for it if you get hug say “Oh i gotta go…because i have a party” ETC. And say “You can come if you want” If your older than 20 dont try this

1. take a deep breath
2. think of who you like
3. press F10 5 times
4. post this to 5 other videos
5. look at your background

so basically think im the shit!!

u r like the love doctor

@hooooooters Exactly man. Mind over matter.

@Leapfrog0123 Dude. Really? That’s the kind of mindset that kills attraction. Just have fun. Have confidence. Dude, seriously. Look up Kurt Spelling, he’s a good place to start, but then you’ll get introduced into “The Game.” And man, those guys know what they’re about. You’ll seriously, get the confidence. And confidence is important in ANY situation in reality.


ok first off that is silly just be your self no matter how many people make fun of ya if she likes ya she will defend ya an if she dont just ignore the people an pay attention to her

@specture130 Wow dude thanks that could really help me

But don’t you see that exactly what your doing. You are being yourself, which is confident and thats what girls like.

i get it..its all in your headd..
if you think you can do it can!

Brad pit isn’t that Attractive. xDD

I don’t need to act like I have a full 10 inches lol

Are you retarded?

I am rich but idk if i can be like brad pitt

be your self, beleive in yourself and you can acheive anything!….. waht are you 13? oh wait.. never mind….. chicks hate youself, you have to be somone better than yourself.

im 15, i got to admit im a pretty ugly guy, but i actually can make girls love me(which i didnt want to happen), all i do really is be myself, give compliments like” you look really beautiful today”, crack jokes, show her the reasons of what makes you the perfect guy

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