Attracting the wrong type?

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Question by Marie McKnow: Attracting the wrong type?
I prefer women. yet there are no gay or lesbian bars in my region. So… I go to the nightclubs where it seems most straight people go. I do not look like the stereotypical “gay/bisexual” woman” since I am not butch. I dress femme/casual sometimes.

I still attract men, which is flattering, but that is not my intent really. Should I just ignore it, and wear rainbow jewlery to attract women looking for the same thing? Or just buck up the courage and flirt with women(even if I’m unsure of their orientation)?

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Answer by ~Ba tiger girl~
flirt with women

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flirt or have a tshirt signaling you r gay.

a lot of “gay” women attract straight men….specially if they are attractive…straight guys for some reason like that…just let them know your not into them…..or ignore like you said….but why be uptight with them when you can just let them know….as for the women flirt away girl… never hurts…I flirt all the time with straight and gay females…you never know ….

you should’nt change just because you are gay/bi just flirt with women and see were it gets you

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