Here is some rare footage of an Australian male black satin bower bird along with it’s green speckled female mate working on their bower in my backyard. I di…
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Thanks for the comment. I’ll check out your video too. What we are
recording is actual history. We may not think that at the time, but in
years to come, or centuries, these will be unique time capsules in the
history of the earth. These bowers have been there for a number of years.
I’ve done a more recent one too which shows some the mating ritual of the
younger males before their colour change.

I’ve never tasted one….

Thank you, Linda. I appreciate your comments but the film’s narration is
exactly what I saw happening. I’m sure you are quite correct, but even
friends were amazed when they saw the female working on the bower, but
who’s to say all different things don’t happen in nature.

ThePaulHealy you are some real nice person, aren’t you?

Great video…………..shame about the background music. Would much
rather hearing all the wonderful sounds of the Australian bush.

great video, love these birds!!!!

This isn’t a bower bird ‘nest’ but a bower. The female is not involved in
building the bower but builds a nest on her own separately. The male and
female to not form a bond but the male will mate with as many females as he
can attract to his bower. The females then raise the chicks on their own.
This is good footage of a male bower bird attending his bower and having
some success is attracting a female. Can you adjust your voice over to
reflect what is really happening?

Only trouble is, it’s near a busy road and all you would’ve heard was the
sound of vehicles going by!!. At the moment the bower has been devastated
by a storm so I’m watching it closely to see if I can film the satin bower
bird do a rebuild.

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