Back to School Style Blazer Recon, ThreadBanger How To

Corinne shows how to turn an old blazer into 3+ different garments! Great for your new back to school wardrobe. Email ThreadBanger! We love to see pictures o…

APRENDE A COMBINAR TU BLAZER CORRECTAMENTE PARA IR A LA MODA. Si quieres conocer los trucos que marcan tendencia quédate a ver este vídeo!! 🙂 Etiquetas: cla…

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I would love to do the waist and cape as one!

You are absolutely amazing… This is my next DIY project.. Thrift store
here I come!!!!!!!

can you plz do lady gagas disco stick or her glasses from her album cover
The Fame?????? plllzzzz thnks!

Can you guys make a back to school rucksack, please!!!!! Im begging

Lace top?

Loved this! You should do more blazer recons. PLEASE!!!

This is so awesome and creative! Wish I had such sewing skills

How do you make the cape

one of my favorite threadbanger DIY vids. i LOVE the different ways to wear
this. plus, it’s excellent with a school uniform

Hood and waist coat.. So doing tht 

as a diy newbie, these videos are so hard to follow! D:

Really love it, but the problem is that where i live It is or to hot for a
vest or to cold for sleeveless items…

Amazing!! Will definitely try to make this, now I just have to find a cute
oversized blazer… And please make a diy backpack tutorial, really want to
try and make my own backpack for school 🙂

Woot! I got 6 plus size blazers last year from a yard sale wasn’t sure what
to do with them, you just saved my wardrobe! Thanks!!!

I love that the end result has so many variants. It’s very versatile.

How about an expert level fitted suit jacket with a hoodie?

I would love for you guys to do a tutorial on how to do a Catsuit

Please please help me make Weeping Angel Wings! I really want to be A
Weeping Angel for Halloween But my budget is kinda low. Please Help! Please
Thumbs Up so they can see! Thanks!



i think you could make a costume out of this.

Teacher: What did you do this summer? Me: It all started when they breached
Wall Mari- Friend: Oh god not again. Me: I WILL AVENGE YOU MOTHER

Will do:)


Dammit now I have to get me a blazer! lol <3 this so hard!

muy chulos los conjuntos
me suscribo 🙂
yo tambien tengo un canal por si te quieres pasar :)

Son.muy formales dedo para. Bajo

muy buenos consejos pero lo malo es que no tengo esa ropa ni me queda

Muy bunos conguntos me encantan

Muy bunos conguntos me encantan

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