BBC Home Making: Weaver Bird

Probably one of the most complex and elegant bird nest is build by Weaver bird…..see it for yourself…..
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Birds mating accompanied with MC Hammer

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The architect`s of nature TY
Love these |

lol @ 4:09 (giggity giggity!)

2:59 he’s learning! :)) funny ! poor thing he has to start all over again :))

Incredible. “clearly a little optimistic” Ha-ha.

OH god I remember that sound! Had a peacock farm near my house growing up. talk about a bad night…..


@Robotgirl2010 HAHAHHA


wtf is that 0:23 D: im SCARED

‘Ignore them and they’ll go away’ was what was going through the females minds

holy shit the fist 1 runs soo funny

Wtf on THE FIRST BIRD I THOUGHT IT Was mating at first and then after the first “CANT TOUCH THIS” all u see is a bird comin zoomed past, LMFAO!1 ROFL! PLSLL

These birds better WORK~!

0:12 – 0:15

You obviously haven’t seen the woodpecker mating dance. Now THAT’S MC Hammer.

hahah weird animals XDDD

And when they inevitably go to the cops to report you you have the full proof defense that you were just hitting on her!

black bird is the male bird of paradise

still mine andjoneys fav clip!!!!
were so gay

what exactly is the first bird?
also whats that black bird that shows up at 0:22 ?


Omg, I’m so going to use that first bird’s technique.

Dressing in colorful clothes and running at woman quickly while keeping my body completely rigid will totally work!

no what he means is that hes slighty gay and gets off on this kinda thing he also like grannybashers .. com

becky loves this vid it turns her on !! go becky !!! shes looking fof a fellow bird lover who can share intimate bird watching moments xx

Johnathon’s fav film ever go Johnny!!!

(Can’t touch this. na na na……….)
The males animal are always doing the best and trying harder to get the females animal… :D…
Really funny video and matching by the song too!
A+ for coneso.


LOL THATS HALARIOUS, the girl bird is like WTF? lol
they dont have to try that hard do they? lol

The first bird looks like a fucking remote-controlled toy out of china 😀

animals happen to be the biggest comedians on planet earth XD

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