Blazer Feminino Forrado – DVD avulso

Este vídeo é uma mostra do conteúdo do DVD de Blazer avulso que estamos lançando com desconto promocional. Você poderá adquirir seu DVD clicando no link http…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this video I give a full in depth tour of a 1985 Chevy K5 Blazer. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this suv while showi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Amei a aula, pena que foi so ate um pedaco, gostaria muito de saber o resto
só que nao tenho grana para comprar o dvd. Se alguem souber um site de
video que eu possa ver o resto por favor me indique. obrigada

Pergunta: A qualidade do video nao estah muito nitida no YouTube…. no seu
DVD estah melhor ou eh a mesma coisa?

muito bom!

Bom dia!!!Eu to louca por esse video,mas 150,é muita grana.O video é
maravilhoso, mas muito caro.Mas sei que dá trabalho pra fazer.

Olá Leonice, o conteúdo do DVD de blazer faz parte do curso Modelagem Ind.
Tecido e a venda avulsa foi justamente para atender a alunos e quem apesar
de não ser aluno, gostaria de aprender a confecciona-lo. Te convido a ser
aluna do curso Modelagem Ind. Tecido ok?

Amo as aulas da Solange Tenho aprendido muito

Em nosso site você faz a compra do DVD de Blazer e CURSOS – Pode nos enviar
mensagem solicitando informação para [email protected] ou digite
ESCOLA DE MODA SOLANGE MALDONADO no google ok? Seja bem vinda!

explica muito bem amiga obrigada adorei beijoss

E quanto ao preco e formas de pagamento? Voce teria como mandar pra
Michigan USA?

olá, Solange já recebi meu DVD, gostei de sua explicação, só fiquei
frustada que não tinha a base, mas da pra desenvolver com sua explicação
dada, obrigada tudo de bom.

Adoro assistir suas aulas, já costuro a um tempão. estou vendo nesse vídeo,
a montagem de sua gola e a colocação da manga é muito diferente, eu já
prendo a gola pronta e as mangas prendo depois que uno frente e costas,
acho mais fácil, o resultado final será o mesmo? Depois vou fazer a sua
maneira para ver.

pois é estou tentando ver o restante a continuação e não encontro que

Estou ansiosa, quero ver em detalhe como faço esse Blazer, tenho muita
dificuldade em finalizar o acabamento de bainha e gola solta. Aguardo meu
dvd. Tudo de bom

gostaria de comprar o curso de corte e costura apenas para saias, vestidos
e blusas, tem disponivel? gentileza enviar para [email protected] como
faço para obter e a forma de pagamento. Muito obrigada

O dvd posso comprar separado do curso??? e o que vc encina no dvd??

ja fiz varias coisas com suas explicações, que são faceis de
aprender,agradeço de coração.

Rafael, em nosso site você faz a compra do DVD de Blazer e CURSOS – Pode
nos enviar mensagem solicitando informação para [email protected] ou
digite ESCOLA DE MODA SOLANGE MALDONADO no google ok? Seja bem vinda!

muito bom.que vc possa cada vez mais postar videos explicativos……..amei
o blez


DVD de corte e confecção do blazer feminino forrado (alfaiataria) e DVD
ensinando a fazer o blazer de moletom que está na moda.

Compre agora o seu (tecido ou moletom).

gostei da explicacão mas quero saber se o molde tmbm está incluso no
curso,tmbm achei 200 um pouco caro ok. obrigada

Is that a clutch pedal at 4:45?

What’s the mpg on these things in the city? single digits?

What’s the mpg on these things in the city? single digits?

yea I havea 82 k5 had the 6.2 but just swapped for 350 4 bbl holly black
white top th350 trans on 35 use it as the family car also have a 91
burban on 40s also a 350 700r4 trans

Does the back window lock?

Emergency brake pedal at 4:45

What is the exhaust set up on this K5? I want my ’87 K10 to sound just like
this. Except mine has the 5.7 liter not the 5.0 liter.


do they do shipping?

I want one of these, I can easily afford buying one, but the gas mileage is
what would kill me! I can’t justify 10 mpg. I currently drive an 88 S-10
Blazer even though I can buy a brand new car, but there is just something
about owning an old vehicle. Not going to lie, I’d get an XJ in a
heartbeat, but it’s hard to find one that hasn’t been molested and modified
these days, but the Blazers will always be my favorite vehicles.

The 6.2 Detroit Diesel V8 engine works great especially for long trips.

Sorry young ones and inexperienced Chevy fans, there is most certainly a
5.0L Chevy engine. The 305 is not a 5.3L, the 5.3 is the Vortec engine and
that is 325CI not 305CI. As for those claiming this is the greatest vehicle
of all time, K5 Blazers were plagued with problems. The most noted problems
were, in no particular order:
1-Faulty wiring(undersize gauge wiring). I’ve seen many of these burn to
the ground but hey, it’s a “Blazer”.
2-TH350 and 700R4 transmission failures were very common.
3-The 73-87 K5 Blazers had the weakest frames out of the SUV’s of this
era(Blazers, Broncos, Ramchargers/Traildusters, Cherokees). The frames were
so weak that it was common for the steering gearboxes to rip right out of
the frames on 73-87 Blazers when mildly off-roading/using a snowplow/ or
just hitting a good size pothole. I’ve welded at least 40-50 Blazer frames
at the steering box, about 4-5 Ramchargers, and only 1 Bronco and that was
a precautionary measure, not because of failure.
4 -The 305 and 350 were gutless pre-vortec heads but cheap to modify.
Contrary to popular belief, the 350’s used in this era truck were very hit
and miss reliability speaking. I use to run a 4×4 shop and still work on
friends/family vehicles and I’ve seen so many 350’s come through my doors
with catastrophic failure with well under 100K miles on them. Spun
bearings, worn wrist pins, connecting rod failure, Q-Jet carb issues,
cracked cylinder walls, and bent pushrods were the most common issues I
dealt with on an almost daily basis. The 350 Chevy pretty much kept me in
5-When it comes to axles I’ll take a Bronco or Ramcharger over a Blazer any
day. Yes the leaf sprung Blazer is easier to lift than the 87-96 Broncos
but the Ford 9″ rear in the older Broncos and the 8.8″ rear in the later
Broncos was more stout than the 10 or 12 bolt rear axle. The 9.25 used in
the Ramcharger held up better than the Chevy axles but not quite as well as
the Ford. Front axles, sure swapping in 1 tons is easier on a Blazer than a
Bronco but stock for stock I’d take a solid axle Ford High-pinion D44 or
Ford TTB high-pinion D44(Later Broncos) over the wimpy 10 bolts. Yes,
pre-’77 Blazers had the Dana 44 but those older Blazers are not as common
and the High-pinion version that Ford used was superior anyway.
6-Not necessarily an issue but I have to mention the utterly stupid design
of the squared fenders on GM trucks. In 1973 GM switched from the rounded
fender design to the squared fenders that GM still uses to this day on
their trucks. What a concept, round tire, square fender?? Anyway, having
them squared in shape means you have to lift a GM truck higher than a Ford
to fit the same size tire. A stock 73-91 Blazer can fit 32’s for the most
part, some fit 33’s with minor rubbing whereas say a ’78 Bronco can fit 36″
tires with no lift. Trust me, I’ve got 36″ Mud tires on my ’78 and it’s
bone stock with no rubbing issues. My ’78 Bronco I bought new and I still
to this day drive it and off-road the crap out of it. Original engine I
might add! 345,569 miles and going. I also own a ’79 F350 4×4 Supercab with
292,000 miles(Wood hauling/skidding truck), two more lifted 78/79
Broncos(Toys), an ’83 Bronco-stock with 32’s(Farm runabout, an ’81 Power
Ram stepside 4×4 8in. lift with 38’s(couldn’t pass on the deal), a ’92
Bronco XLT stock (left to me when father passed), a ’96 F350 4×4 460(used
for hauling gooseneck trailers), ’87 Blazer, unmodified with 31″
M/T’s(left on my property while offroading with a client. He gave it to
me), and my ’87 Ram D100, stock(my dads other truck). The only truck out
of the bunch without it’s original engine is my ’87 Blazer. It’s on it’s
third engine and not once did any of the 350’s that were swapped in last
more than 50,000miles.
Yes, long write up. No, at the time I had nothing better to do but wait for
my damn wife to get ready to go and now she’s looking over my shoulder and
asking why I’m still typing. Ok, I’ve got to go.

my dad just picked one up, 12,000 original miles, paints a little faded but
this truck is really cool, i hope i he gives it to me when i get my licence
in two months

i hate that buzzing noise when the key is in. worst part of my childhood

When did they stop making this car?

To bad its black you can see every dent, cant wait to get mine, it will
have a 454

I got one minehas the 6.2 diesel wat kinda exhaust is on there?

thats what the rancher is based on

i mean the little ones are the ones that sucked 🙂

take my money now!!!!!!!!!!!!

why does it say silverado on the dash?

How much is the value of a 6.2 diesel? I keep seeing them for about 4-5k in
decent condition in my area..Seems a little high to me

u need to find more of the k5’s man!!!

what exhast is on it

You should do another Blazer

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