Blazer, sport coat, suit coat. What’s the difference (if any)??

suit coat
by El Groo

Question by Jay M: Blazer, sport coat, suit coat. What’s the difference (if any)??
I’ve heard the terms used in different contexts but they all appear the same to me. Is there a difference?

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Answer by Beartoo_98
Blazers and sports coats are the same, and suit coat is cut a little longer and have pants that match.

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No, there is a difference. A Blazer was for boating. It has metal buttons and no flaps on the side pockets. Made of durable material.

Sport coat is of the same cut as a suit coat but meant to be worn without any matching article of wear. Basically outdoors, sturdy. Originated with hunting.

A suit jacket matches pants and sometimes a vest. Business or formal.

In the past, the materials and the colors and the context separated the three clothings. Today, we see the same coats grouped together at the same store, the same colors, the same material construction, the same advertisement, the same social scene.

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