Blazer “THATS PEAK” [@BlazerBoccle]

Blazer I Met This Girl Last Weekend, She Wo’ Tellin’ Me That She Dunt Wanna Be Friends, About She Wants To Come To My Yard, And Get …

Get it here: The Airfield Blazer is the perfect trainer plane; it can be considered the best train…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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fake ass shit


well thats peak

deaded me loooooool

1:33 onwards…its just the best part of the video, hilarious!

check out or mc vid! ITS DECENT!

you said mutha fucker! soo gay man LOL! sort ya self out you.

y u beggin puttin depz sox n jaykae in the tags of ya video what a wasteman

X_X what does git up mean?

LMFAO You Make Me Laugh

BLAZER!!!!,Is Juss One Legend,Any Fuker Tinks Any Diifeerrenntt Den Theey
Got’summat Wrong Wif Dem!!:)

Crock of shit from Bradford

omfg hhahahahahh

Only Me Who Was Thinking ‘Mr Bean’ Throughout This





Mugging off Adam Deacon with some of those moves but still hilarious

Got me dancing when it dropped hahaha

i agree

Pointless video to a good song

easly gna be the biggest thing outa bradford this mn !!! huge blazer!!

This is amazing 😀

1:35, reminds me of Mr.Bean!

i bought this plane over the holidays and the ailerons wont work at all!
They won´t even move. What do I do

nice review roland!


We don’t have a UK outlet at the moment.

Glad you enjoyed the vid, but Liz is no longer with us.

Great Video, but where the hell is Liz! I miss her 2s Lipo! Its like 12800
mah capacity 😉

Great job!

Como faço pra comprar um avião desse com vcs?


Very good

Well as far as I know there is a shooting range next to thier favorite
flying field… Don’t know if that has changed since I watched the ones
with Tony

Pity. Shipping to UK VERY expensive!

If you notice it sounds like a few 12 gauge shots in the back ground


Thanks Roland !

The Whittier Narows shooting range is in the background. More than likely
you heard either rifle rounds or high powered handguns.

Do you guys have a UK outlet?

Rolan; Really Nice Review & a Nice Airplane also! Great Flying also !
Thanks for the Video !

nice plane

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