Blazers/Sports Coat/Jacket with Jeans help?

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by ShellyS

Question by TheFireWithin: Blazers/Sports Coat/Jacket with Jeans help?
Okay, I’m not really into fashion so I’m not sure if it’s still a good look or not, I saw advertisements of people still wearing outfits like it so yeah… anyway…

My question is what kind of Blazer/Coat/Jacket would be best with jeans and if you could give me a link to a store with a cheap one that would help, also what kind of shirt should go under it and what kind of jeans goes best. Like I said, I am not into fashion so I really have no idea about things like this. I just thought I should get a wardrobe change since I really don’t have much sense in fashion. So yeah, if you can help, thanks, and if you could proved links to stores with not too expensive clothes that you mention, thanks even more.

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Answer by Crystal
blazer 4 sure

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Sorry I don’t know of too many Men’s clothing websites that would be good, since I’m female lolo… maybe H&M (google that to find the site) though I’m not sure you can purchase it online so you might have to try a store near you.

I’ve seen the blazers with a cool t-shirt underneath left tucked out. It looks good when it’s done right, make sure the jeans are fashionable as well (not just any pair of dingy jeans) and shoes too! I hope that helps…

well what fashion are you looking for men/ women?
hope these sites help!!!

for a girl try and for a guy well idk but……..? for both guy&gurl try hollister or fossil. and with jeans i would go with a nice blazer but then again a sports jacket is a nice alternative too. for the sports jacket and spot accesories try a local adidas store and maybe you can find nice things there. but if you wanna go cheap then i would spen your money at maybe a sears or a macys. you can find many options at big department stores too. oh and may i suggest TJmax!!!!! they have a lot of name branded stuff including shoes clothes and accesories plus the have house hold items too. but at TJmax u can get things from like tommy hilfigure and new york and company stuff there for like 60% off the price at the original stores…….i hope my advice and info can help you….email me if u need help on any of the info above……thanx

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