Body Language FULL song – George Sampson ft Tha Vill

This is Body Language by George Sampson i kno u all want 2 hear it its the full version but there is anotha version of George singing the whole song which he will be releasin soon i do have the song but i cant put it up yet comment and rate plz thanks x

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get youtube down laoder n dowload it 🙂

sampson best song

@agdmonica04 hi thats because he didnt actually release it
but if u want mail me ur email and i will send this 1 george sampson ft tha vill and i will send you the 2009 version as well of george singin the whole song

why can’t I find this song anywhere?? definately not on Itunes. Can someone help?? Thanks!

love this song 🙂
can you visit my channel please, first sampson love story is up now! please watch and subscribe!

i live in finland and is impossible to see him so u are very lucky… 🙁

George Sampson is the most prettiest boy I have ever seen in my life!!! ^_^

is this the full song
Luv hiim

I love george(L)

can he do it without autotune

yeahh i went there he is amazzingg lo 🙂 x im gunna go c im again soon ell im hoping ! x

:S is not the full song..
love georgeeeeeeeeeee!!!<333

this is by far the best song he has made

i’ve seen him perform 2 body language 2 and this 1 i got on this vid is the old version where he sings with tha vill but the original 2009 version is just george singing i got that too u prob mean that 1

@babiieehhannah its not. I saw him perform to Body Language at the Halloween Party, and there is a lot more than there is here.

this is the full version of george ft tha vill

it isnt the full version. Most of it, but not all. Sozz x

he’s finished there now

@rema2k7 just go to butlins on a holidayy :L
hes always there :L

do u know where i can download this song.xxxx

mint as tune!! wish i dus meet george…)=
love him i doooo!!!

lushhyy songg bbe (L)

omg!!!! i luv this song so much cnt believe i saw him live and met him he is sexy!!!!
im sooo lucky!!!! xxxxx

I don’t the version with tha vill is waaaay better because george really isn’t a artist is a dope dancer!! but tha vill is a real artist so the combo made this song hott!!!

thats gd cuz thats the 1 he will be bringin out soon hopefully he’s recordin sum new tracks at mo 😀 xx

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