Body Language – Jesse McCartney

Thank you so much Jesse McCartney for tweeting this! and Thank you so much Seventeen Magazine for putting this in your mag! XOXO ANDDDD, there are many spelling mistakes…but shhh. This video took hours. every single word you see in this video, we had to write backwards. Make sure you follow us on Twitter! Also, comment and subscribe! and check out our website:]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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i found this in 17

Me too! I think it’s absolutely gorgeous =) So cutee.

this is honeslty one of the coolest things i have seen in a long time… good song too.

this is honeslty one of the coolest things i have seen in a long time… good song too. (:

wow i love this,what gave u the idea to do it?

love your video…think i watched it like 100 times!!!

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!me likey!!!!!!!1

17 mag told ppls 2 come 2 ur channel

omg that must have taken 4 ever to make!!!!! i love this video!!!!

rock on girls.

@bmassa4 what do you mean ?

these girls are busted :

love this! i have watched it about 15 times by now

That must have taken a lotttt of time!! Read about it in Seventeen and thought I’d search for it. Great job, ladees!

love the video

i read about you in seventeen magizine!!!

I hadn’t heard this song EVER until I saw this video. Let me say: AMAZING VIDEO! 🙂 Great job! (And awesome job on getting into Seventeen!)

Pretty cool.. Lol i bet you had to write it all backwards too, haha girl on the left caught my eye 😛

this is so cool

@BFFbjk ditto 🙂

I love this video. I’ve seen it like ten times! good job girls! 🙂

@BFFbjk so did i, like a while ago : D

love this video



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