Body Language Part-1

http// How to use body language.
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This is really cool. In a lot of cases its not even about seduction, its simply about treating the other person as an equal and respecting them.

I am not against being alpha, I am against pretending to be one. Posturing too much does not make you alpha it makes you insecure.

Hey thanks man, I always stand like a zombie lol

hahahaha once u have a license to kill, jumping out of planes haha wat a man!!

are you carrying a gun?just remember which one is for fighting and which is for fun!!

The thing about keeping a smile is so true. If you look at someone you enjoy simply talking with or otherwise and they’re smiling you’ll really feel like smiling yourself.

very nice video

What’s with the shoulder straps, you carrying a gun?

good…keep going

Glad to somebody actually posting some good material instead of just advertising. Keep it up man.

cool stuff

wow… good thanks..

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