Bono Flirty Sexy Interview – ZooTv Part 2 – 60 Minutes Australia

Bono interview & Edge ZooTV & takes a drive through Dublin Part 2 (Australia 60 Min)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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I know every twinkle in his eyes on this interview. .. and yet still find myself coming back to sit in the room with the sexiest man on earth!!!

Marry a beautiful Russian lady

This is just painful to watch! especially around 2:50. She’s drooling over him the whole time and he likes it!

eat me. anytime, anywhere. just eat me.

Those shades are awesome! Long live the vintage Cutler & Gross 0276 with 2 pins……

PPL u got it all wrong. He’s high on sum shit well that’s what i keep telling myself lOl <3 BONO <3

sexy as hell, damn!

lend us a tenner bono lol

Yeah, take a look at the minute 2:50 guys, he’s just making a little bit fun flirting with her, and she’s just loving it hahahahaha really funny!

“everybody gets their say and then they do what I say”
I’ve been using that line ever since I saw this as a 14 yr old!

And in Tracy Coro’s defence, she was a hottie back in 93. I think there’s a fair bit of mutual admiration going on here!

One of the great interviews from the era.

@GoodForYou41 What would you do with him, if given the chance?

Bono is quite possibly the most powerful rock star in the world, now that MJ has passed on…Bono looks very happy…Who wouldn’t be?…He’s worth $250 million, probably more by now, travels via his private lear jet, he’s on a first name basis with world leaders and top celebrities…Bono clearly loves being in the company of beautiful women and flirting…They’re the Irish Beatles.

ahh Bono sure does make me quiver in this interview hehe…What a man, I don’t know who’d I want more, him or Larry hehehe

Holy God…sexiest interview ever…”I’ve always felt filthy rich” I’m in love with the way he said that…swoon.

I never saw Bono, looking like that A WOMAN
I am terribly in love with this beautiful man

Bono during the ZOO TV Tour was the coolest person EVER!!!! Nobody comes even close

@popbonobuzzbaby ME TOO!


ogh c’mon some people are just smiling alot…. like that… doesnt mean it’s…. she might as well walk away and feel something completly different

bono….such a faithful husband…

wouldnt be surprised if she threw herself at him after the interview.

lol @ i suppose thats a fair description. damn this BONO was epic.

Haha! Well I must say I completely agree with you. 🙂

holy freakin crap…

Okay. Im a dead woman. He’s amazingly unbelivable fucking HOT.

lol is that Maurice Linnane working on the US ZOOtv special at 5:09 ?

And she gave him a BJ as soon as the interview ended…

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