Booka Shade – Body Language

Booka Shade – Body Language Artist: Booka Shade Genre: Electronic/Get phyiscal Album: Movements
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kylie Minogue – Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix) CR L-GANCE videomix

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@yamahaking91 nice line mate.

@yamahaking91 lolllllll

3:45 hell yeah

@InfinityProjectPromo when i ask myself those questions my mind tends to block…’s beyond my thinking

Beautiful good Job Yamahakin91..keep up the good music running, i love it..

i cant describe what i feel during listen this i live on earth?who created the space, and so on..incredible

♥ favy.


@Scarramanga noone cares about your opinion….it is invalid! no wristcutting on this page please!

This is the best version!

‘yamahaking’, I rate that comment.

ahh booka shade. never gets old.

Yes now when u upload it … where can i download it?

you on ur period or something you creep.. bleed somewere else

Hello?! Are you incapable of rendering a track properly? I think not. FOOL

hell yeah!!! tune

thank you for uploading the real one


keby tam nebol chemical tak sa to neda ani počuvat


Shit sound Quali! the remix is very nice.

@CannabiNuLL The endless dudes are the best thing about Kylie videos.

Trick Mix.. Pure chix video tho.

I love these song… never heard it in the radio or in a friends music player, nobody I know heard it… today I post it in facebook in the morning, and for the first time, heard it at the gym today a minute ago n_n

:-))) me very very happy now :-)p

needs moar mudkipz

Well they should have started it from around 3:12 and just keep that rumba going and shut up Kylie’s – she is killing some groove here 🙂

@azernadeem1 : No shit Sherlock… and what’s the problem?

the best mix of all “Slow” version

@Vaer0 shurrup

Sorry….. But no

song is awesome but video is gay

I am a big fun of chem bros, but it’s the Stranjah remix that ownz this one.

thasss fucking god rumba hell yeah

WOW. Who would have thought this would work! Amazing.

Kylie’s the crown queen of aussie pop

@CannabiNuLL oh cmon, ONE video has half naked guys instead of an all girl court, quit complainin!

The Chemichal brothers taking a shitty tune and turning it into an epic one.

vamos chicos/as a mover ese cuerpo,yuguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


I was skeptical for the first ~ 2 mins, but then, DAMN!! SOOO much progression and variety in the sounds! One of the Chem Bros’ top mixes!
Don’t miss the sick break around 4:50.

Kylie’s also looking hot in this one, like whoa. But, too many dudes.

@c0rruptpures and you expected?….

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