Bounty Funny High School Rap Video from the Paper Towel Gang feat. Rev Run of Run DMC

New funny rap video from Bounty Paper Towel Gang featuring Rev Run from Run DMC & mimes. Watch them keep it clean with the white glove test.

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They fye!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m leaving to go grab some Bounty. xD

funniest commercial ever!!!!!!!

and fo thuh hatuhs, we don give two sheets

“Makes you wanna jump like your on a trampoline. BOING BOING!

i want them to come to my class!

Talk about knowledge and show a video musik , man with behavior as women or rather as homo .

First must know what is knowledge . All information is just information . But there are bad and other type of knowledge and knowing , either music or any other things .

lmao! and to the haters, we don’t give two sheets!

No one would go along with this, these kids are possibly the retarted kids in the retarted highschool.

My science teacher showed this to my class on friday and we sat there quiet through the whole video. We were the Pre AP class and it was the end of the day. She said that not one class but this one didnt burst out laughing. I tried my best to stay quite but it was hard. 🙂

HAHAHAHA “and remember its tricky to rock a rhyme. rock a rhyme that’s right on time, it’s very tricky. thank you.”

go jobbawockees, yay ur the dest dancers and the best paper towels ever is bounty


“And remember it’s tricky to rock a rhyme. Rock a rhyme right on time it’s very tricky. Thank you.” Hahahaha laughed my ass off.

These Bounty Guys Really Know How to Make Music 10/10

Screw All Thoes People That Dislike all these videos from The Paper Towel Gang.

to all u 502 haters out there, we dont give two sheets.

its awesome

@elizabethturac lawl its a thing used for farming

@elizabethturac ill tell you when ur older

what the heck is a back hoe? >_<

nerdy fail! but funny haha

omg the best bounty ommercial !! if they want people to this they are doing gr8 !

hah its my high school XD

this video kicks ass!

This is freaking awesome. My crush posted this on facebook and this is just awesome. I can’t stop watching it

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