Can a Man Wear a Seersucker Suit to a Wedding? : Men’s Formal Fashion

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This old drunk guy refuses to believe that he the pants he is holding in his hands are not a shirt. watch as he tries in vain to wear his pants like a shirt,…
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Shirts these days…

You’re doing it wrong ;)

okay………. tis not that funny

@sbergman27 ” you folks laughing at this guy are pathetic” What is wrong
with laughing at something funny like this? he is not disabled or having
some problem caused by an external source, he is drunk, from his own doing
and his drinking is causing him to try and put pants on like a shirt. if
you do not think this is funny, what WOULD you think is funny? I am sorry
for your loss, my wife lost her dad to cancer and I know it is not pleasant.

Your supposed to take the video and laugh at it later on youtube, not laugh
hysterically at this guy from 5 feet away you inconsiderate little pricks,
have at least some respect for people

@bloodlesXxXvampire it is for the kids…

@MrGoddard88 why? If you do something funny you are allowed to laugh at it
right? There is nothing disrespectful about it. And if its disrespectful so
what? The guy is so fucking drunk that he can’t even differentiate between
his pants and shirt and the sun hasn’t even set, not something that should
be respected in my opinion. Don’t worry so much about what might be
inconsiderate to some people, you can’t apease every single one of them.

sooo Funny!!

That shit funny putting he pants for he shirt lol

drunk 1 and drunk2

like this if yoku thin this is funnier than a ice cube

FANTASTIC! Wish I could’ve been there!!!

What is funny about that.


shut your bitch hole. you and all the other cunts laughing are exactly the
kind of people who ruin this world. you have not ethics or care for you
fellow man. try respecting people. too bad someone around you didn’t punch
your ignorant faces.

baloteli 50yrs from now

how could he be so drunk that he didn’t realise they where his trousers
after a while. the only thin I can think is the heat made him worse. I
won’t say if I think its funny or not

who brings a pool to the beach?

Thats funny and all but the real question is why are the pools at the beach?

Moment of weakness? Struggling in this way? Ridiculing him? People who
laugh at this ruin the world? have no respect? and no ethics..? Wow, Its
obvious that you had some issues growing up, but I think Its best to vent
your frustration at your father, rather than some strangers on youtube.

Oh man this made my day!

Don’t get why people are getting so hung up about this video or any other
video. It’s hilarious

Why would ANYONE have respect for a drugged piece of trash?

Okay,your at a beach why did you bring a kiddie pool?


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