Can I use a suit jacket as a sport coat?

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by JanneM

Question by introversive_guy: Can I use a suit jacket as a sport coat?
I’m going to a casual beach wedding where they say we shouldn’t wear suits, but since it is outdoors and might be chilly, they say we can bring a sport coat.

I don’t have a sport coat. I only have suits. Can I just bring one of my suit jackets and wear it like a sport coat?

I don’t even know the difference between a suit jacket and a sport coat. They all look the same to me.

And would navy blue be a good color? Does that go with everything?

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Answer by pspoptart
I agree. Can’t tell the diff. myself. I say go for it. Sensless to buy a sport coat you will never wear again for a one day affair.

navy blue is a fine color as long as you don’t pair it with something like black. Then you would be a bruise.

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I think a sport coat is slightly shorter in length than a suit jacket. I doubt anyone will notice if you take a regular suit jacket. Navy or tan is the best bets.

I think the navy blue suit jacket and khakis would look great! Sort of dress casual! I say go for it.

Navys a good color and no can tell the different between a suit jacket and a sports coat unless your looking at the price tags

Sport coats are less formal in style and fabric, not as fitted, and usually with more detail. Suit jackets are more fitted and of a higher quality material. You could get away with it in a navy but try it on with the pants you will be wearing to make sure it doesn’t look out of place. If it does, you might want to take along a nice tailored cotton pull-over or cardigan sweater instead. It’s a casual beach wedding so I think the sweater idea is more appropriate anyway.

No, there is a distinct difference between sport coats and suit jackets, I dont think they could be interchanged. I would definitely notice. Sport coats arent that expensive and if you get a good fitting one it will last you for years. It may be a good investment for you. My husband wears a suit to work everyday as well, I have gotten him a nice sport coat for those times that a suit isnt required, but a coat and tie are.

Penneys is having a great sale right now, you can get a goos coat for a great price. I would recommend you invest in a nice navy blue coat.|28109|36748

Yes I think you can use a suit jacket. If you use the navy blue, pair it with beige dress pants. Wear a light blue long sleeve shirt, a coordinated tie with navy, beige and maybe burgandy small design or stripes. Black dress shoes and deep navy dress socks.

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