Can I wear a double breasted sports jacket unbuttoned?

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by Paula R. Lively

Question by Oscar: Can I wear a double breasted sports jacket unbuttoned?
It has one button that you would typically button.

I know that with a single breasted blazer, you can button it (leaving the buttom one undone, if more than 1 button) or leave it open.

Does this still apply for a double breasted blazer?
I need to wear it this week, but its a little tight when buttoned, I would rather leave it open, unless that would look silly or is a fashion faux pas.

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Answer by big
Check out this link.

“David Letterman has cleaned up his act recently, but over the years he has demonstrated just why a suit, especially a double-breasted suit, should be buttoned. A double-breasted jacket, hanging open, is really unsightly. If I were you, I’d button up.”

I guess you could get away with it, if you think you can pull it off. But I think it also might depend on the even you need to wear it to this week.

If it is some formal party or business get-together, I might consider it carefully. If you just need to wear a jacket to work that you’ll take off when you get there, I think you can get away with it.

I think it really depends on how you think it looks and if it is “passable.”

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