Can men wear engagement rings?

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by George Eastman House

Question by Mimi: Can men wear engagement rings?
i don’t want to be the only one wearing a ring when i’m engaged to someone. Men in my country usually don’t wear engagement rings. I think that’s not right.. i only want to know if men in other countries wear it…
(Trust guys to give crappy answers)

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Answer by Mat
Well, no. In America when you are engaged, to secure the engagement the man must sacrifice all of his left hand fingers to a cow. Yes, it sounds awkward but believe me. Another tradition in Canada is when a man owns an engagement ring but, he doesn’t wear it. It is simply used as an extremely small cup holder.

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Whoever is being proposed to wears an engagement ring…….whether it be a male or female!

Traditionally, men do not wear engagement rings.

However, it certainly is not unheard of, and is becoming more popular. I say, if you want him to, and so does he, then go for it. However, the couples who I have known where the man has worn an engagement ring also, there has always been some confusion about what to do with the engagement ring after the ceremony. Very few men are willing to wear two rings.

Good luck!

Wait… I thought they did.

You can do whatever you want. Weddings and marriages are so non-traditional anymore I don’t think it really matters. Here in America most guys don’t and find it weird but I just recently bought my guy his wedding band and he is itching to wear it even though we have months until our wedding day. I am considering getting him something else he could wear everyday that it is a little more casual.

Of course they can. I see no reason why they could not.

In certain European and South American countries they do. Seems like you just want him to have a ring early to prove he’s “yours”, seek some couples therapy. A man is not property, nor is a woman.

More importantly, how does your boyfriend feel about it?

My sister’s husband wore his wedding band on his right hand while they were engaged, and moved it to his left hand when they got married.

I have known men who do. And no, it’s not because their fiances want to have public claim over them, it’s because they are proud of their relationship and want to tell the world that they are committed to someone they love.

I think that engagement rings for men is a relatively new tradition, but every tradition was new at one point. After all, diamond engagement rings weren’t widely accepted as an unshakable tradition at all until the ’50s.

I love the idea of men wearing rings because they want to.

never heard of it ever no they don’t

I agree, why should women be the only ones branded with a ring to symbolize we’re betrothed, but men walk around with no ring on their finger until marriage! if your fiance is open to wearing an e-ring, then get him one. but make it cheap, because it’ll only be replaced in a few mos by his wedding band.

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