can players change themselves so that they can go into a serious relationship?

by jshyun

Question by luvdalifeulive: can players change themselves so that they can go into a serious relationship?
i know in all the magazines about dating and everything they always have one warning saying to aviod dating a player. but if a known player tells you that he’s changed….does that mean he really has? how are you suppose to know that they’ve stopped fooling around with every girl they see and is ready to get into a serious relationship?

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Answer by Mike F
He doesn’t mean that.. obviously, cmon use your head next time.

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“players” are man unstable whores….

I am no player. I like to have sex with girls that’s it. I dont go around lying to girls about how much I love her. I tell her ” I like your body ” players disgust me and give people like me bad names

Fucking idiots…

Only time will tell – if you give him enough rope he will eventually hang himsef ( not literally ) 🙂

Saying and doing is one thing. Only thing you can really do with a player is not get emotionally attached, until you have gotten enough evidence that he is a good guy.

Besides, there is a difference between a player in a relationship, and player in the dating world. A player in the dating world dates multiple women at the time, either no strings attached, or just trying to find one worthwhile. One in a relationship is just a cheating man-whore.

Nope Players never change, not unless they truly want to, and most men are hard wired to chase any peice of tail they see.

I speak from experience. I think that once they are a player, they will always and forever remain a player. They may tell you that they have changed, but when they feel like moving on, they will. No guarantee with a guy like that.

take him to church lol. If he has changed you will notice his txt messages aren’t to other girls, at all. If his inbox is always empty then he is deleting them so you can’t see. Just see if he is promiscuous.

alright well ..
do you think he personally as changed ?
as he been flirting or messing with girls ?
cause sometimes a guy can change but not too often
just dont let your guard down what so ever .

you know what most people would say once a player always a player but it is all on weather not you trust him if you risk it you are risking your heart if you just say no you are showing him that you dont want to get hurt and that may steer him in the right direction i think that should help

Put it this way.. Since we as women can tell who’s the conniving gold-digger types who are good at sweet talking to get guys to do what they want, do you think that these women’s behaviors change? Even if they find a man they’re into? Don’t you think that perhaps somewhere inside of them, they find gratification of just ‘having what they can’t have’? Maybe it stems from a deep hidden insecurity..

That’s why I tend to gravitate towards people who want what they can have, because in wanting what we can have, not only do we make loyal friends, we also know how ot savor the moment and truly enjoy life.

Players or use to be players thrive on challenge and hate rejection. Actions speak louder than words so let the player prove they can changed their manipulative ways. What has made them change? And is the answer realistic?

A player has to find everything he wants in one female.

I was a player, a PUA (PickUp Artist) – but not anymore.

It always depends on the guy.

There are three things that usually happens.

1. Most PUAs are beginners. People who have low social skills so they have to rely on scripted lines or as we call Routines/Negs/Scripted DHVs(demonstration of higher value)/etc…. Some people who gets a long-term relationship after just being a PUA “might” get stucked being PUA. Since, he would lose the chance of developing his skills. He would think, “”This thing works. I guess I should stay like this forever.” What usually happens is that that guy would end up being the “social robot” who keeps on using scripted lines as a reply to everything a woman says.

2. After some experiences, a PUA would subtly (and usually quickly earn the skills of being the Social Guy). Usually, this is on the intermediate level wherein he comes to the point of the Natural Game. Wherein he has not to rely on lines and routines (and sometimes even detest using them). His creativity, observation skills, and social intuition has dramatically increased after having loads of social experiences. It is on this point where I would prefer to have a LTR(long term relationship).
It is at this point where he becomes a Naturally Attractive Guy whom women would love to be with.

3. Being the womanizer
– this guy has mastered the skills to the point that it is his choice to find a girl, have sex with her, leave her after a while and find another girl after some minutes. Women, beware.

But why would you not like it when a guy learns this skills to make women attracted to him? Let’s say on those PUAs, they are not showing their real selves and faking their identities with those scripted lines and the like.

Isn’t it the same when you women put on your make-ups? Putting colours here and there, hide your pimples, get those hair extensions, lipsticks to make your lips make you look youthful, foundations,etc… aren’t those unnatural too?


Has he changed? probably, yes. Most players end up their game when they find their real love.

That’s the reason why I am training. I’m training so that whenever I find that girl, I would not miss the chance of having her. So, I would not lose her like what happened before.

Though, there are still some players out there whom you should be careful.

What should you do? Be a challenge, keep on having fun, satisfy his desires, have good alpha personalities, and most importantly, don’t even think of cheating.

My name is Dominic,
Don’t cheat.

“”players” are man unstable whores….

I am no player. I like to have sex with girls that’s it. I dont go around lying to girls about how much I love her. I tell her ” I like your body ” players disgust me and give people like me bad names

******* idiots…”


I don’t care on what you think about us, players, because you seem to have no idea on that. One of the reasons we train is that to increase our options and choose the best from those options.
Whoever disgusted you or probably told you something negative on what you are doing is a Newbie. It’s because it doesn’t actually matter what you say. it’s how you say it.
Well, saying to a girl “I like your body.” has a lot of meanings

a. when said with proper body language and voice tonality:
–> it means that you are the guy who has the balls to say that to her and that you get what you want. Mode One behaviour: saying what woman wants to hear but doesn’t expect to hear. that’s good.
b. when you say that with poor body language and voice tonality
–> it means that you are just an another frustrated chump who is so amazed with her body. That shows that you rarely see such kind of body (or maybe only usually and oftenly see that in the internet). That shows that you are so desperate that you would do anything for her just to sleep with her. that you don’t have value or anything. That you are just another “nice guy” who acts like a wuss or a douchebag/ maybe a jerk.

This is one thing that we train at:

Knowing on how to say things and what to say – with our own creativity and skills (not using scripted lines)

It is how we say things, not what we say, that matters.


one more thing:

the only reason why would guy hang around other girls is for social proof. You don’t want a guy who is very desperate on impressing you and always clings on you like a leech. if you do, something must be wrong with you. You want a guy who is socially preselected. One who has a life. One that you would not even think of cheating on. One who is interesting.

let him chat with other girls.

But there is always a limit, of course, when you see him kissing with other girls on the lips or even having sex.
I don’t have to explain on what you have to do.

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