Chevy 383 Blazer 44 Boggers CRAZY DEEP MUDDIN!!!

Chevy 383 Blazer 44 Boggers CRAZY DEEP MUDDIN!!!

Mike Dunbar in his Green Blazer, Dave Farrero in his Z-71. Blazer – 383 Stroker, TH400, NP205, Dana 60 Front, 14 Bolt Rear,5:13 Gears, Detroit Lockers, 44″ B…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 WOW Did You see this Blazer? LOL it is My Birthday today and i just HAD to Produce this one on My Birthday.. WHY… I Dunno…;;-…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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too much skinny peddle

one bad azz blazer

th400 or sm465? I have a 383 cid in my 81 chevy and I burn up automatics
fast and that with 16/36-16 boggers.

** jizzz thank god for Chevy

insane in his membrane

jimmy, blazer…. on da old ones da only diferance was da name plate

@MyDrpimp Dumbass!

What tranny does that z71 have?

@twodoortahoe or mopar mounted in POS chevy….

Lol @ that guy in the blazer when he really dug himself in. I like that Z71
it’s a nice lookin truck.

I’m going to tape this with my camera and hope someone follows my lead and
see how far the rabbit hole goes

haha…yeah, back up..ur alright..cept that ur high centered on both axles
and the chassis….but watch out for that culvert!

@polarisrules83 how do jimmy’s suck balls? they’re the same thing as a
Chevy Blazer the only thing different is interior and a few emblems, and,
they’re made by the same company, GM, so, if you like blazer’s then ys our
retarded for saying that jimmy’s suck.

@MyDrpimp It is my video. I couldnt get it off of my video camera using the
cords so I recorded it with another camera.

What size axle do u need to put 40’s on ?

I think the driver of the Blazer’s parents were brother and sister!! What a
freakin moron!!

I luv how he stamps the pedal!

get a ford there good off roders

Wow your cool you can record some ones video you can see the pc screen or
the tv screen it’s not even you video

And do you even know what the fuck a 383 stroker originally is without
googling it? You say I should stick to horses? I just think they are pretty
neat, I’m a country boy, but I know a SHIT LOAD more about trucks, and
engines than you ever will. Okay mechanic man, tell me what can make an
engine run lopey sounding, without a cam. And it is a mechanical error, not
a performance upgrade fuckover. That’s just a small hint.

damn it probably took u a week to wash that thing lol

lets see a ford anything take that abouse i’m sorry but that is dumb that
poor truck

Nice video!

What a fricken idiot!


I love your videos and like them all :)

this truck is amazing!! I would like to own one of this, unfortunately Im
in Mexico lol and don´t have many trucks like these one. love your vids my
friend. I recently owned a 96 bronco but this truck is awesome!! :D

I bet that’s all spray on bed liner under that truck

is there an international shipping for it ?
and how much you want in this beautiful beast ?

Flint Truck and Bus on Van Slyke Rd. Just over a mile from me here. UAW
pride right there my friend.

THAT is beautiful, I love it stock.

real man tailgate

the fuel-injected engines are 10 times better than the carburetor ones!

Oh Awesome He will Love that..;-) And Yeah My dad thinks his is Pretty damn
cool as well

Happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome man Glad You like the channel.. I have a 71 FOrd thats the oldest
right now..;-)

Thanks I really like this one.;-)

depends on what your going for, my 84 starts on a dime and runs perfect
with a brand new crate 350 and its carbureted, and i believe 88 is throttle
body, an “experimental” pre fuel injection system, but maybe thats 87,
anyways long live the K5’s

Nice Jimmy Bud I have a 84 Jimmy and i noticed the seirra badge on the dash
my jimmy is a seirra classic could you tell me about the seirra classic
jimmys becuase i cant find those badges anywhere

How much

They are great drivers/.,,.;-)

Thanks Man Thats good to hear!.. And Believe me if i find a Clean one You
will Likely See it those are Neat lieelt cars Just Most are Ran into the
ground like a classy ford..-) Again THANKS for Watching

Im sorry man I sold this on a while back was one of best ones i ever
had..;-) I So wish i could have kept this Gem..;-)

~ SWEET !!!!

LOL I wish I still had it..;-(

your deer buddy around 20:30 ?

Thats because its a repaint, albeit a good one. The overspray on the
strikers and other door hardware, also the missing passenger trim is a sign
that its a repaint.

Yeah that s the best part..;-)

Yeah I’ve been a little busy lately haven’t had time to sit down and get on
youtube! Keep up the great work!

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