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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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I have a question. I got a suit from a friend. And there are 4 buttons on
it. Can you please respond to me cause I’m confused on why it has 4
buttons. Thank you

Orrah the Marine Corps dress blues

Could I just ask you what was up with you lapel in this video?

Sir, first of all you are an eloquent orator and thank you for your
profound and objective video! I have a question which you might find
interesting. I own a couple of 3 button suits. You mentioned the rare but
uniquely classy 2 and Half button suit! Is there any way to steam press my
3 button suits from the top button, folding in half the top button hole so
that they look like a 2 and half button suit? So in essence the top button
is half covered by the lapel which is now lower than before and I then
button the second button which is now the ‘first’ button. Thank you.


It originated as a garment for gentleman to wear while “sporting,” i.e.
hunting, riding, hiking, and so on in the countryside. For a long time it
wasn’t appropriate to wear except as part of a well-to-do gentleman’s
outdoorswear. It’s since evolved into a more cosmopolitan garment, but the
name stuck around.

Thank you. Your video was quite helpful.


why do they call it a sports jacket? just curious

thank you so much i’ve always wondered what the fold on the sides were

Trolls Below! -___- Get outta here!

Hey, I am a lean and athletic, but also short. 5’7″. So… 3 button or 1

No always leave the bottom button unfastened drop by for some great tips on
mens fashion(:

2 Button 3 Button you always leave the bottom one unbuttoned. I laugh every
time I see a guy in a 3 button Macy suit with all 3 buttoned up, walking
around thinking hes looking all fly.

tailors will have 3 button suits for you…

heh antonio, i love you and all these videos, on my way to becoming a real
man with real style.

are you sayin you button all up? i kinda thought that wasn’t done or
shouldnt be 😛 whats the right answer?

Well, remember style is only a small part of being a man. What’s really
important is having a 4X4 pickup with huge tires. 🙂

Thank you sir.

It is called a sports jacket because of golf. At least what I was told

Where did you see me?

You are welcome!

I can’t believe it took you almost 8 minutes to explain why 2 is better
than 3. I thought it was just common sense.

Why do your sleeves appear short?

Hi Antonio. I just watch this video and I’m a fan already. I’m 1.87m (6ft
15⁄8in) and work 95% of the time sited (developer). What should be your
advise for a suit? 2 or 3 buttons? (I’m slim (little belly but doesn’t show
hehehe)). I was thinking in 2 buttons, but with the comment about the
height I’m not sure anymore.

This explains the different types of jackets really well. I’m not sure
that the sports jacket can really trace its lines to both hunting and
tenis, a hunting jacket is a bit different but I’m biased from exposure to
European hunting jackets. That aside, this really helped me understand the
difference between a blazer and a sports jacket.

I had a question, I wanna look good when I go to club and would a navy
sports jacket with dark jeans and a dark button up shirt be alright?

@horanstreet You are welcome sir!

@Chrono419 Yes! I think we’ve got some videos on casual dress that might
help, and I’m planning to do one on wearing a T-shirt with a blazer
specifically, but a dark, fitted T-shirt with dress slacks and a blazer can
definitely work. And a dress shirt with a blazer and slacks is always
classic casual wear.

If some one can tell me what that style of lapel is called, or if you can
list a designer who uses some thing similar, I would very much appreciate

Thank God someone knows what they are talking about. Its always been a pet
peeve of mine when I go to and they catagorize all jackets, sport
and blazers, under blazers. Blazer is not a generic term…it is its own
type of jacket. Great vid man!

hey mr Antonio,are you wearing a navy blue jacket or blue jacket ?

Thanks for the info man. love your jacket though.. could you tell me the
details of your jacket as i’m thinking of getting something similar to that.

@cuzz2000 You are welcome sir!

Finally! Someone who can explain things in an easy-to-understand,
professional and informative manner. Thanks!

Thanks That explained it well.

If I change the buttons out on my jacket to make it more blazer-y, can I
still wear it as a suit?

He is a real gentleman.

@TheOriginalStevenH Glad it helped!

What about dinner jackets?

@AlHummins Thank you sir – appreciate the kind words!

very informative thatnks for clarifying that with me. I’m looking for a
nice sued sport jacket for just running to the store with jeans without
putting on my heavy coat.

I’ve been enjoying your video series and have learned a great deal. For
some topics, such as this one, perhaps having an inset where photos of
“other jackets” or when you want to show the lower pockets on your current
jacket might help with the explanations a bit. Just a thought. Thank you
for making these videos.

Thanks for the info! Your shop is a little out of my budget at the moment,
but I have it bookmarked for when I can get away with a custom suit of that

I have a question. I recently bought a wool-like military style jacket from
H&M. It’s a men’s jacket and it’s a mix of black and gray, mostly gray.
I’ve been told by some people that it looks a bit feminine because of the
color. I think it’s okay. What is your take on it? Thanks!

@AbdurR23 I don’t think there’s much feminine about gray, no. People may be
reacting to some of the military stylings — for a couple years there
things like epaulets and other military details were VERY popular in
women’s jackets. But we had them first 🙂

We love this video! You help men make the odd fitting or random jackets out
there look great with any outfit. You provide superior customer service,
and we like that. At Pace Shave, we believe customer service is the
ultimate business objective. Thanks for always sharing great videos!

“Sport lapel” – there are a few different styles; this one’s mine!

We’re always trying to expand the visuals in these films — some of these
older ones, as you’ve noticed, were very primitive experiments! I like to
think we’re making progress, but only time will tell…

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