Clerks Animated Series Episode 6 part 1

Clerks Animated Series Episode 6 of 6 part 1
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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I love this episode. It’s so awesome that the writers were able to do so much, on a cartoon, with the characters staying in one room the whole time. It’s unprecedented for an animated show.

perfect way to end he video lol

kepping it ral-sounds like a shmow to me

Ha, the batman dude is Kevin McDonald! Didn’t notice that before.

i dont know the movie. i saw this animation so started watching.


Great show. Didn’t last long enough.

best episode

I can’t believe this is the last episode. What a load of horseshit.

this show gives me the munches

Am I the only one who thinks the narrator saying,”I don’t care for this show either” is what TV Tropes would call a “funny aneurysm moment”,since this is the last episode?

@WhatiFRacing Thats so cool! Mooby’s was also in Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob strike back 2

“AND PLAY NAKED ROBBER!” waaaahoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

wait…the guy’s shrt at 1:38 it says moobys that’s where dante and randal work at in clerks II

We´re keeping it real,folks.

that sucks david spade is quite funny

was this on ABC?

so wanna catcha film no dinner with the folks no someone die no gonna kill your folks god no i hav a date eww with your folks?

@armenianply they put it on adult swim one time

i like the show. i think its funny

@george77772moons the addict says do you have elmer’s glue but not Band-Aid’s Adhesive strips

Dear god, I just realized something! Later in the episode, Randall tells the same drunk guy to say “adhesive strips” instead of “band aids,” but now he doesn’t say anything when the dude says “Elmers Glue?”

Whats a matter spade? nobody love you!!!!!!! haha

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