Cool Funny images

A few nice funny images I found:

Multiple Tweets Gradient
Image by mkhmarketing
Please feel free to use this Twitter image under the creative commons license.

I created the graphic to drive traffic to my marketing blog as part of a buzz-building assignment for a graduate degree.

Please attribute, link, like and comment –

Help me explore the concept of online quid pro quo. You get great visual content and I get extra credit in my emerging media class. Or at least that’s the cunning plan…

Also, if you have an idea for a custom graphic you need for your own blog or website, please share with me at [email protected] I’ll give it my best shot to create something for you.

Funny Faces
Image by BenSpark
Eva playing with the giant Birdie from the Badminton set.

Start 2006 off like never before:
Image by danasmith
While riding the subway:

1. Crouch precariously close to the edge of the platform.
2. Point your eye-lasers at the 2" space next to the train. Be sure to stand directly in front of the doors while doing this.
3. Concentrate. Try to ignore the huge, yellow beam of light shining directly on your head.
4. With your eye-lasers, create a single red bubble.
5. Board the train. Act as if eye-lasers and large red bubbles are perfectly normal.

(from the San Francisco BART)

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splendid artistic composition!!

The Twitter birds are a fun logo to play with. I love corporations that can sum up their brand with such a simple graphic without relying on text. Target is a good example, their bulls-eye is genius.

Thank you for this picture! I used it as a background on my presentation in Slideshare and my blog (in Finnish).

love it!
illustrator literally interprets copy text, instead of the true need.

Ha! My favorite group yet!

You can tell California is more laid back than England – there, you’re meant to MIND the gap.

watch the gap my ass. watch the exgirlfriend BEHIND you!

Well, Zona, when you focus your eye energy on the gap, it creates a reflective surface long enough to see said ex-girlfriend behind you with a .357 Magnum. It truly is life-saving advice!

Is the gap going to do something? Otherwise, your train’s here, get on and get out of the way.

Oh wow, your instructions are hysterical!

Thank you all for your comments! I’ve had a very good laugh this morning 🙂

Does the gap do tricks?

What would do if someone did that while trying to board your train?

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