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A few nice man fashion images I found:

Fashion Wall
man fashion
Image by Steven Vance
Today I was quite frustrated with the lack of energy my room had. I decided to put these ads on the wall. They are not only ads, but they are images of fashion photography, the kind of photography and art I most appreciate.

The sexually provative Dolce & Gabbana ads featuring men with pubic hair or laying on each other are my favorite! There’s too much straight sexuality going on on this wall. I need more gayness. I must find those ads and post them here as well.

Illustrated 1962 Playboy “Mad Men-like” Fashion, Cricketeer & Trimline, Man Smoking Cigarette Wearing Vested Suit
man fashion
Image by classic_film
Classic, vintage 1960s "Mad Men-like" fashion magazine advertisement, Cricketeer & Trimline, Alumni worsted vested suits, illustration of man smoking, 1962

Ad text:
"Young man says ‘cut all the double talk — states his case clearly… yet does it in tones of instinctive diplomacy. Plays the diplomat, too, in Cricketeer, tailor to strong-minded men, endows its fine Alumni Worsted Suits with lean and confident patterns, cuts them on self-contained, natural lines. Vested, of course. .95. Other Cricketeer suits .95 to .00."

While not a cigarette ad, the illustration of the man casually holding a lit cigarette demonstrates the nonchalant attitude toward smoking during this era.

Published in Playboy magazine, October 1962 – Vol. 9 No. 10

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