Cool Suit Jacket images

A few nice suit jacket images I found:

JD: First Love 3
suit jacket
Image by almyki
Name: Byrne J Dallas (left)
BlueFairy TinyFairy
‘Kyle’ Sculpt, Dandy Body
Baked Skin
Faceup: BlueFairy
Wig: 7-8in BlueFairy, Curly Short (Espresso)
Eyes: 16mm BlueFairy Blue Glass
Hat: DollHeart Carlos Set
Outfit: BlueFairy Ever Yours Set
Shoes: BlueFairy Oxford Shoes (Chocolate)

Name: Dalia Dalhart (right)
BlueFairy Tiny Fairy
‘Jasmine’ Sculpt, Blossom Body
Normal Skin (2009)
Faceup: almyki
Eyes: SafrinDoll – 16mm Cherry
Wig: ForMyDoll – 7-8in Wine
Outfit: BlueFairy Ever Yours Set
Shoes: BlueFairy Heel Boots (Chocolate)

The background’s total trash, and the image is super-noisy, right? XD This was one of the last photos I took in my whirling dash to commemorate my first day with Byrne. The sun was quickly setting, and I just wanted to take a quick pic of them in their matching uniforms.

I left Byrne’s tie and jacket undone and his shirt untucked in an attempt to give him a laid-back kind of attitude, thumb in pocket haha, but he’s not too cool to hold his sweetie’s hand.

Oh, but I’ll take a quick moment to nitpick about outfits now, haha. I love real buttons on doll clothes, so on clothes that are otherwise this nice, it still kills me a little inside that the buttons on the jacket and especially the blouse are non-functional and instead fasten with snaps. Especially the bottom button on the blouse, and how the lowest snap is so much lower than it so sometimes the shirt easily gaps right around where the button is, which clearly ends up looking strange since button-areas are where there should definitely be no gapping!! XD Related to that, I also wish the slacks had a real zipper like DollHeart’s jeans have, because when I sit him, that part also likes to gap open, showing off a white slit if his shirt is tucked in and his tummy when it’s not. Belt loops would have also been a nice addition to the pants, but maybe my standards are getting too high now, haha. I still LOVE the outfits; I just need to vent about the little stuff sometimes XD .

suit jacket
Image by rtppt
33º Portugal Fashion Primavera/ Verão 2014

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