Cradle of Filth – Funeral In Carpathia

#3 Track Album: Dusk….. And Her Embrace Year: 1996 Lyrics: Candelabra snuffed, prey – silhouette wedded Nightfall take my hand Seduce me with silky timbred limbs Grant me thy dark command Over the peaks framing tapestries Of thick forest, dusk has filled With Lucifugous kisses enwreathed in mist Creeping like violations from the shadows to kill Lucretia Is my love in vein When thy tears bleed sweeter Than the midsummer rain? Bewinged, infested belfries Toll o’er the sobbing throng A writhe of lethargic, terrored nudes Whipped and welted neath the barbed windsong…. (In sadean paradise Ancestral legacies linger on….) I am He The crowned and conquering darkness Satan robed in ecumenical filth Livid Bacchus sustained by bridal echelons of sylph This wintry eve when the snow glistens deep And sharpened turrets wed the jewelless skies I shrug off the shroud of preternatural sleep Embroidered by these words Malaresia scribed…. “Beauty slept and angels wept For Her immortal soul In this repose, all evil chose To claim her for their very own” Carpathia The pleasured dead speak of her In necromantic tongue When ambered daylights are done Masturbating in their graves On her zenith to come…. This catafalque night when awed stars report Their absence from the heavenly brow Crippled seraph shalt cower in illustrious courts Whilst the cloaked maelstrom resounds throughout “How the storm it fulfills My heart, though unhealed Celestial knives ebonied And wild woods thrill Yet

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kakvi sektasi


When I first heard this song, I imagined an ancient vampire finally dying. (At the time I didn’t know the title b/c I hadn’t paid much attention to it until I heard this one!) One of my favorite songs!

@KillerNecro666 me too


…and Gain Pyres :-]

I miss the Cradle like the entire Dusk album that left you wondering if humans alone really could have produced something so otherworldly. This album takes me somewhere far far away.

love it.

but dont really understand the lyrics much anyone elaborate.
i kind of think of vampires turning a girl into a vampire.
dont get the funeral part though.


this is fucking bullshit mitherfickers

This song is so fucking epic……..golden years….. hell yeahhh

i used to be obsessed with this song when i was like 10….Cradle Of Filth for life!

what an epic song…How nice and how breathtaking music…So great lyrics…This is another poet in the world poetry…CoF rule this world…

fucking badass

Hmmm…Paul Allender wasn’t on this album, nor was he on Cruelty and the Beast…Cradle needs to see what would happen if they bring Stuart Anstis back >_>

dani filth is better than shakespeare or other poets

The most amazing part, makes me stun…

I rule as Master here
Where feral hordes impart my temper
Love sank wounded when I, betrayed
Saw death etch cruelly, upon my lineage

“Usher the spite seething Draconist
And commit this world to thy ancient

Erubescent veil descend
Psalmed sunset thus portends
And laid to rest, I now am blessed
With this darkness…Forever more

It’s so awesome that black metal bands, well I don’t consider Cradel that black more like Cradel Black metal, but anyway they all make refference to Carpathia or Carpathian type of stuff it’s just way to epic!

The most amazing song and lyrics. This is Dani`s best time both vocaly and poeticly.. But what if they are not so good now, look what they have done, such a masterpieces!

@WEISsGEBeter yeh i know that =D but i love the english language, and these lyrics feel so good for me, even tho i dont really understand them =D

@baumblatt11 no problem. They’re from England so you should be semi-confused by their English. Plus the lyrics are somewhat poetic and poetry isn’t very easy to understand.

@WEISsGEBeter thx really much… it helped quiet a lot =) interesting stuff!

@baumblatt11 Carpathia doesn’t mean anything, dude, it’s a place, the Carpathians are a mountain range, the largest in Europe. You claim to be German, so I find it strange that you don’t know what the Carpathians or Carpathian Mountains are. They run from Romania through Ukraine and into Poland.

The album was inspired by the writings of gothic writer Sheridan Le Faru, look the album up on Wikipedia. Many of the songs are hint at vampirism.

alright, i have some questions, for this is my favorite song ever… im german, thats why my english isnt really good and thats the reason why i ask =D
well first of all.. what does “carpathia” mean? couldnt find much about that…
and then, i was reading the lyrics like 100 times and almost know them by hard, but their english is so good that i don’t really get what they want to say.. could sum1 explain me plz about what the lyrics deal with? would really love that =D
cradle4ever.. love them =)

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