Crappy Christmas

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Crappy Christmas
Image by Corey Ann
If you know me, you know that my Christmases (is that a word?) aren’t happy and bright. My Christmases in a word are crappy. My Mom died on Christmas, my grandmother died the day after… I could go on but I think you are getting the gist that I’m not talking about sucky gifts.

People decorate various things in lieu of pine trees. I’ve seen everything from a gigantic snowman, to a wool covered rake (no I am not kidding) used instead of a tree. So I think I should start using the toilet for my tree. We leave presents in it all year round, sometimes an angel is on top (of course that is me) and sometimes a fat guy has to come and set stuff around it to make it right. So here you go, my christmas tree – or at least what really is the symbol of what my Christmases are!

Assignment 1. Oh Tanenbaum. This may be a bit tricky. Nobody in their right mind is going to have a tree up this week. But can you show us a Christmas tree without actually having one? Tag with cwd441.

YIPPIE! It hit #16 on Explore (so far)!! It’s a magic toilet! Thanks to all!

hahaha xD….i couldn’t resist
Image by ♥//BrendaJonas
please do not steal

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Corey, you always manage to turn lemons into lemonade!

You rock!

Geese, sorry about all of your losses but atleast you’re putting creativity to good use! Very funny picture and title, despite… Crappy Holiday’s!

ha ha thanks!

thank you 🙂

it’s ok! I’m a survivor but it doesn’t mean I really like Christmas a whole lot! Thanks – I try to find humor in everything.

I like that you try to find the humor in something that is negative for you. This is incredibly creative – from the thumbnail I was wondering what it was and then when I saw it it made me laugh.

First I didn’t see what this is 🙂 I’m sorry you lost the persons on Christmas, but I see, you can treat this theme with some humor 🙂 Great!

I have a serious streak of dark humor – a gift from my late father. It’s got me through! It makes me laugh every time I open the page. Thanks for the comment!

Thank you for your comment! Sometimes you just have to laugh. Now if I could get away sending this as a card to some "not nice" people on my list it would be even better.

LOL! I didn’t even realize what this was til I clicked on it! Sorry to hear about your Christmas misfortunes. However, it looks like you haven’t lost your sense of humor. That is definitely a good thing! 🙂

Very creative use of the subject, in more ways than one! Excellent!

Seen next to a fellow photo of Class With Daves: The Audit Group. (?)

awww!! Haha. I hope this Christmas is great for you! Pretty colors!

That’s what a lot of people say, lol! Thank you!

Thank you very much!!

Thanks!!! I LOVE multi lights. I don’t think I could ever have clear lights only. I do have a set that flashes from clear to multi though but thats as far as I go on the clear lights!

very creative ^ I like it

i’m so sorry about your mother and grandmothers but LOL – what heart.

Awww thank you!!!!

what a fabulous title! beautiful shot! well done on the exploration.

Seen in Class With Daves: The Audit Group (?)

my wife loves this – she identifies with you…

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your comment and tell your wife I’m sorry that she can identify with me 🙁

Cool shot, hilarious title!

Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Eye Candy!, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

Awww, I hate that your Christmases have been crappy. But this photo is priceless! Here’s hoping that Christmas will become brighter and better each year for you!

Swell pic. I love it!

Hi, I’m teh scrooge for a group called We HATE Christmas, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

I just hope you have a spare for ’emergencies’!
Take Care, and you have shown that Christmas is as imperfect as any other day.

Love it!

I thought you were joking until I came and saw an actual decorated toilet. Wow.

The lights make it look like a golden commode…..

I love your super-sucking toilet. 😉

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LoL! Absolutely hilarious!

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Rad X]

This is the day Nick got the boner and like attacked it, lmao 🙂

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