Crazy Lady Calls Leo Laporte

She’s gone through 14 computers thinking somebody is hacking them.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Soupy Norman – “Niteklub” (episode 5). Loads of mad stuff in this one.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Well, at least it’s ACPI that’s taking over her computer. Could’ve been APM. :-O

God she sounds like a *former* client of mine…

Leo Laporte is really a gifted therapist. God bless ‘im.

She should have gotten a Mac!

That or an iPad.

Someone in her family needs to remove all PC’s from her home and give her one Fisher Price computer with big colorful clicky sections that are meant for toddlers. That would be a much safer bet for her.


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

she talks to much

I remember this one hahaha

lmao love how Leo instantly picks up on the crazy paranoid tin-foil hat retardedness.

Leo’s the Man! People are crazy and don’t know how to use there computers! My God! I learned how to use a computer by tinkering with it, I thought it was cool so I looked more stuff about it up. My school had nothing to do with teaching me how to use the computer. I was an Expert and they were trying to teach me basics!

Leo really has a gift in how to deal with people lol

It’s my fault. I’ve been hacking her computers. For $5439.74 I will stop…thats the balance due on my motorcycle.


@samsanonic i feel you, buddy!! comcast tech support.. rawr

is that word salad/Schizophasia??

I know a woman just like this. She makes youtube videos about the “government conspiracies” against her. I think her youtube alias is happinesshacker. She thinks all her computers are hacked, her phones are tapped, and she’s being followed.

I feel sad for these people. Clearly there is something wrong with them and we don’t know how to help.

I can solver her problem…


I’ve heard her call in again. Like four months ago. Leo all but hung up on her.

I’m going to use this video to torture people 😀

Lady, please, turn off the computer, and find another hobby. Thank you.

@phoneyaddress hahahaha, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results. So…Does that mean she is insane?

@tdmeskimo67 I don’t think his particular case is about education, granted she could use some education, but I don’t think it would help her…
Seriously, 14 computers and she still doesn’t get it…

gotta share this clip with my techies friend loool.. .OMG.. thats EPIC 🙂

This is a good video of how we need to educate the world on technology, I gave a quick look at comments, did the lady get help? Leo’s right she need to learn about her stuff, not just computer (ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)requires that once an OSPM-compatible operating system has activated ACPI on a computer, it then takes over and has exclusive control of all aspects of power management and device configuration), is the rv a problem? she mentioned other electonics!

would yi get a bit of cop on yi great big disappointment yi!!

exoyic news should be passed on by exotic people!

criminally funny

“Hey girls..hey nice t-shirt..hey nice ass..hey nice shot” Looooool

ok – but nobody shit ok?

by the way that auld one is unreal

He didnt even play the huckle buckle. What a bastard…

as far as I know this show (First Love) cause my mom is watching it, the character which is playing Soupy Norman here, was an alcohlic in the First Love too ^^. Though this irish english is momentary not quite understandable to me, I really enjoy this show. I wish someone do the same thing with the other stupid polish soap operas 😀

Ha! Anyone know what the DJ’s track is, or where I can get it?

relax da head! Fantastic.

“…can I bring Linda Martin?”

Didn’t play The Hucklebuck!
Oh Jaysus.

“I’ll pay you in boiled sweets and cardigans”

“he wouldn’t leave the balloons alone!”

6 26 the dude giving it loads

It’s just like that because the character Soupy Norman is a blatant alcoholic, but the character in the original Polish show is probably not. So they’re using the same footage of the character being drunk.

Plus it’s just funny 😀

I’m simply saying that I too would like to know, and this way if somebody does reply and explain I get a message telling me they did



why is the end bit with soupy always the same :S

ive got speakers so small you cant even see them

‘Did he not play the hucklebuck now soupy …’

“listen to ye, thats bloody mexican”….brilliant!!

WHAT a laugh! ive only just discovered soupy norman, its hillarious! make more please!!!

aparently rte is doin a soupy norman tribute on xmas day

Is there a season 2 comeing back?
When we went to germany last summer we pissed off the ocupants of 2 hotels every night by turning into soupy characters. It was bad enough most germans dont have english but then we started talking absolute nonsense. What a laugh

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