Danger Bird’s Ride

Danger Bird's Ride

I was driving to work this morning and made a new friend named DANGER BIRD! If you love (or hate) Danger Bird, make sure you rate it. Danger Birds love ratings!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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man that bird has some true l33tsk1lls :D

He is squeeking, ”hey, you were doing 70 back there”

Haha pretty little thing

@etalucammi83 Or maybe a week’s worth of bugs and/or seeds. XD

Dude, Danger Bird ROCKS! lmfao 🙂

o and the whole bird not wearing a seatbelt thing wasnt funny the first
time it got messaged on here.

Danger Bird Rules for the win!

Nice bird and beautiful song. I really love Spanish language.

look at 1:57 and on . watch his beak

looks like bird poop sitting there next to it

he’s just lookin for a better way to go down south.

@GeorgePaulDavisIII Danger Bird doesn’t give a shit. He cheats death every

it’s prolly a tame one.. had one just like that, they make for great pets.
and they are just as smart as dogs

Cute. 😀

It was like it wanted to give you a message, did you recently loose a loved
one? If so maybe that was a last goodbye. It obviously had a purpose. A
very diligent bird

Much faster than migrating via flight. 🙂

looked similar to mocking bird but when it turned looked like a female
brewers black bird. neil had a song “danger bird”

I admire your camera skills during such a rare and spontaneous event… !!!

0 : 1 for the bird. this is no speed for the dogfight approved worldmade
Biotech, he keeps standing. What a Blame for our “revolutionary hi tech
fuel burner”. human medievil tech is out. beam me TF up

you can see very clearly that he can move/fly freely, but he just doesnt
want to. He’s DANGER BIRD xD

Danger Bird rides in style!

lazy motherfucker 😉

Lì ghê á 🙂

Unsafe At Any Speed — but way cool 🙂

This bird was either smart or lazy! lol

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