Dave Chappelle – Inside the Actor’s Studio Part 2

Dave Chappelle

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Everybody look at Dave as a funny dude, and rightfully so, but he be dropp’n jewels on em,too.

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A world like you’ve never imagined before!!

Lf spaceship on a black neighbourhood is genious man LFMAO

@iKillorphans1 Haha well I’m a song writer, but smoking weed is what got me into song writing in the first place 🙂

@theunknowncove i want your job. where do you work ha ?

Smoking pot landed me a job that pays 120k a year.



seems to be a lot of “hard working” losers who are jealous of succesful pot smokers. well,….. AHA! sucks to be YOU nerd! hows that mortgage comming along? oh, forclosure you say? HA-HA! shouldve smoked more pot! you might’ve had a more popular personality. AHA!

Ey, isn’t this that pot-smoking guy, who always smokes pot all the time?

@1stGoRide ,yeah I thought Dave Chappelle would continue FOR James Liprton when he says at the start of the video,”This is Inside the actors studio,we dont fake tears.WE FAKE EVERYTHING.”

it turns out smoking weed makes u smart :O

i love this guy

Lipton, you lame pretentious motherfucker.

i have so much respect for dave chapelle, he’s not only funny, but he’s also not driven by money,, very important to here this from someone with status and the fact that he listened when his father told him about never accepting more than you need. yes got a lot of love for dave.

the audience is really annoying. jeez let them have a normal conversation.

How can u click the dislike button? That shit is just sad…

@skeletonchrist1503 If I dont look right with long hair ill definatly consider going bald :thumbup:

I admire DC more than any other famous comedian..

I wanna hear the joke about the ALF space ship in the black neighbourhood XD

I love this man. Love to hear him talking about Ohio.. I love this place.

The audience expected it to be funny that’s why they laughen at everything

Very sad how the people are just looking for a laugh and not facing Reality. That’s what keeps the people to avoid the truth.

cosby was young as hell lol

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