Dickie Betts – Inspired Soloing Lesson – Allman Brothers – Ramblin Man Style

Dickie Betts - Inspired Soloing Lesson -  Allman Brothers -  Ramblin Man Style

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great lesson. i would really appreciate if you did a lesson on how to solo
like Hughie Thomasson of the Outlaws. especially in Green Grass and High

What a brilliant teacher!!!!!!

Very Blue Skyish…

I just love that happy major sound! Great lesson.

Can you please make a video for “Do I wanna know?” ~ Arctic Monkeys. I
think many people will appreciate that <3

Can u do a lesson on whiskey in a jar thin Lizzy??

Great lesson, Marty!

5:15 sounds like Billie Jean

as always great job Marty, nice lesson easy to follow

Awesome lesson n solo

just teach the solos of rambling man

Can you do a guitar lesson on a song called “always summer” by yellow card

Yea a lot of Mayers influence for his new album is more Jerry Garcia from
the Grateful Dead. Mayers always played a lot of that happy blues sound but
his phrasing is Zachey little more Garcia on Paradise Valley

Thanks! It was helpful.


Just learn the scale buy it self and it will be a breeze after you got it

Awesome Buddy

learning and having fun priceless 🙂 thank you

Very nice, dude. Thanks for the lesson!

if I’m lying I’m crying


My local guitar teacher used to get a little cash back every time he helped
sell a student a product. He only suggested products he really believed in.
I gotta think manufacturers should be knocking down your door to place
products in these awesome guitar lessons. The majority of the profits often
come from the entry level products ie guitars amps. Maybe your website
should have Marty’s music shop? Just don’t get rich and lazy and stop doing
these killer videos on us!

I think Marty is pretty much a fan of anyone, thing, person, or band that
plays any form, shape, style, or modification of a guitar.

A very helpful lesson, superb Marty!

This really helped my major scale playing! Thanks Marty!

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