Do women “not cheat” for the wrong reasons?

by Youth Radio

Question by YBMEUBU: Do women “not cheat” for the wrong reasons?
Like trust, commitment, faithfulness- all under the guise of ” I don’t want it to happen to me”. The only reason a woman needs not to cheat on her husband is because he satifsfies her. Period. Bottom line, that the only reason why women cheat anyway, so therefore, that’s the only reason why women don’t cheat. Please, women, stop with the self-righteous, better than thou attitude. Enough already.

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Answer by bluechick
I wouldn’t cheat because i love my husband. Period

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I don’t think I understand what you are saying here….or rather…what you are asking.

I don’t cheat on my hubby because he makes me happy…..and he’s all I need….and of course, he satisfies, me, haha.

But….we love each other, and life is good…..why would I want anything else?

Oh, please. Not another man who thinks he’s God’s gift in the bedroom dept… Many women don’t cheat because they can keep a promise. Don’t try to demean that quality because you can’t keep your dick in your pants.

i don’t cheat on my husband because i love him. plain and simple. i cheated on my ex because i did not love him. if i feel like i am not getting what i want in my relationship, i will move on. i have no problem packing up and walking out the door if both of our needs are not being met. i don’t condone cheating at all, but i won’t judge another person for doing so.

you asked an interesting but somewhat confusing question. i am thinking about that.

The only reason i wouldn’t cheat on someone.

Is because i like that guy enough not to have to.

No other reason.

If i’m going to cheat. then what the hell am i doing with the guy i’m with. If i’m going to cheat – then he obviously isn’t enough for me.

That would be pointless.

Stop assuming that every woman is the same.
No wonder they cheat on you.

Either rant or make a post that makes a lick of sense…you choose.

Uh….What are you talking about??, No offense, but….. you obviously dont know what your talking about. Only women know other womens ways. i think your angry about something and need help. Good Luck!

uhhh.. first of all a woman (and man) should not cheat period. There is no reason for you to cheat on your man. If the idiot isn’t pleasing you, leave him. Whats the point of staying with him? Women cheat because they want to have that security of knowing that theres always a guy to fall back on. Thats bull shit. If you wanna f*ck another dude then dump the one you’re with and do it. PERIOD.

um even if your arent satisfied that is not a reason to cheat on someone if i was in a relationship that i wasnt happy with i wouldnt cheat on them i would dump them and for your information its not “righteous” to be a good person and not shit all over someone’s feelings! cheaters are a holes and thats the END OF IT

Love doesn’t mean anything to you?

That actually goes along with how smart is the person they are with. Some women size up a guy and then know if they want to be with them or not. Everyone has different reasons for being in a relationship. Some are very deceitful and others are loyal. Just know what you are getting into before you get into it.

People cheat because that’s what in their soul. But their are people who have pure love that would never cheat.

Well i am broken up with him but if i was still with my ex and we married i can tell u right now i luv the guy and no matter how bad he was in w/e he did …would never change how i feel, I don’t and wouldn’t ever dream of havin anyone else…and thats the truth! some women were raised right u kno good mroals and values……….ur talkin bout the girls that u “guys” go after the ambercrombie and fitch and preppy ho tramp lookin girls who yea might be a size three and model hot but they sure wont beat the good hearted women …ur just lookin at the wrong ones /who bout u guys get over urselves………..

Marriage is work. If my husband doesn’t satisfy me, it’s because there’s something wrong in the marriage that needs to be corrected. Just giving up and cheating seems like a cop out to me and makes the whole marriage seem worthless. On the other hand, if both are willing to work on the marriage and figure out how to solve the problems, wouldn’t that eventually make the marriage stronger, and both able to satisfy each other better?

Excuse me but I do not have a “holier than thou” attitude. You want to know why I do not and would not cheat on my guy? Because I LOVE him, and he makes me happy. Why would I cheat?

women dont cheat because we love and respect our partner. and trust me even when were not satisfied we dont go leting other guys in because our partner doesnt take care of us. get it straight. thanks

I wont cheat because I took a vow, and why the hell did I get married if I was just going to cheat? There are still some women out there who view marriage as a holy union.

WOW–I’m hoping I’m not the only one who feels like you were talking in circles. Most people (men AND women) have chances to be unfaithful.

I’m wondering why it would matter, a woman’s reasons for NOT cheating–she is doing what she vowed to do, by remaining faithful. As the old saying goes; if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. And for goodness sake, don’t question it!

Women cheat because they are horny, that all I have to say about that.

Glad am single

If the person I’m with understands me, and communicates well with me. Then I have no reason to cheat. If on top of that he satisfys me and makes me happy, even less of a reason to cheat. In other words if I love the man I’m with, which I do, and he loves me back, there is no place for cheating either in my mind, body or heart. If you cannot comprehend this, it probably means that you have a lot to work on yourself!

All of everything you said is very confusing.
The reason I don’t cheat is because I love my husband very much and I don’t want to lose him. Yeah he satisfies me in the bedroom but that is not the only reason why I don’t cheat.

The women that do cheat usually do it because their man is not treating them right or they don’t feel sexy and need to feel the sexy again.

That’s you opinion and you are entitled to it, but unless you are watching every woman’s marriage and feeling HER emotions, then you can’t honestly make that statement.

Women do things for all kinds of reasons, just like men. Every case is different and not for you to personally pass judgement on; been there, done that….whatever their reasons are…their marriage, their emotions, their problems.

That may be YOUR reason for not doing it, but not everyone elses.

Women only cheat when they feel that their man is not satisfying their needs. Otherwise, they would stay faithful to their guy when they are perfect for them, meaning their bf/husband has the looks, personality, good status in society, talented, rich, and etc.

This goes the same for men as well…

My husband in no way satisfies me and I don’t cheat. Number one if I divorce I have no intention of remarrying. 2 cheat and have it not work out with the other person for whatever reason. There are many men and women unhappily married and don’t cheat. The reasons are many depending on who you ask. There are as many reasons for not cheating that there are for cheating… kids,money,starting over, lost of interest in playing the field, STD’s.

i dont think we need to worry about ‘i dont want it to happen to me’ because anyone can hide the fact that they’re cheating. and i know plenty of women who have cheated and they’re not worried about karma because at the time all that matters is finding happiness outside of your current relationship. if women cheat, its for the same reason men do. like if we’re not satisfied or happy in the relationship anymore, then we cheat. women, just like men, cheat for revenge, for pleasure, for happiness, for fun, and for watever else. and thats it.

well a woman could get “satisfaction” from one guy, but that could be the only thing she gets….she would cheat to find “love” in another guy, “security” in another, “humor” in another…etc…but none of them add up to the total package. and i think she would continue going around these different guys until she really finds someone that she can see herself with, then i don’t think she would ever cheat again once she finds the man that has everything she wants.

cheating is the best solution. get with other people, you can never cheat for the wrong reason.

It’s not a “better than thou” attitude and I am sorry you feel that way.

One can cheat even with their thoughts. If my bf or (future)husband even thought about another woman in a sexual manner, I would consider that cheating and the same goes for myself.

Society has plagued us with the idea that sexual promiscuity is somehow okay and it’s NOT. There is more to a HEALTHY relationship than being merely “sexually satisfied.” And, if the relationship IS healthy, unless there are medical problems, there should be no problem with that either.

Intimacy is formed on MANY levels – sexual pleasure being one of the LAST. However, society doesn’t advocate this at all and it is extremely sad and heartbreaking to see a world devoid of true love and intimacy.

If one is TRULY loved, man or woman, it completely negates the need to search out “false love” elsewhere… aka – cheating.

I dont cheat because I dont need to. I am not driven by my libedo. I have a good paying job, my husband and I sometimes see each other for dinner then he goes to bed and on sundays. So cheating isn’t an option. NOT that I dont have that opportunity, I go out with my friends with out him and he goes out with his.

Don’t knock good women. There are many who are faithful even if they arn’t married. So get off your high horse and chill.

God I love sex, Thats why I cheated!

I Think That You Are Being Very Stereotypical Here In Your Rantings. Obviously You Have Been Very Hurt By Someone And Should Have Pursued Help For Your Inner Feelings Instead.

Most Women Do Not Cheat Because They Believe In The Commitment They Made In Their Vows, They Love Their Husband Beyond Sex, And Enjoy Being Around Him Even When He’s At His Worst. Also To Key You In…..Lets Be Totally Honest… Women Don’t Base A Relationship On How Satisfied She Is Sexually…Alot Of Other Things Follow Like: Companionship, Friendship, Support..Ect. When These Things Aren’t Present In The Relationship Then The Relationship Becomes Dull And She Starts To Outsource.

Why women don’t cheat? Because their Women!

The cheaters are sluts, hors, desperate, no class, disrespected, unintelligent, insecure, confused females.

Stupid, stupid question..

There is never a reason to cheat not even if your man cheats on you because then you would be just as low as he is. If someone is having thoughts about cheating then they need to end their relationship before they do something that is going to really hurt the other person. And not to sound rude but it is not just women who cheat. I have so many friends whose boyfriends and even husbands have cheated on them for no appariant reason besides their saying”I am a man with needs” It is not ok to cheat on anyone.

I’ve been with my husband for 15 years.
For 14 1/2 of those years, my reason for not cheating was quite simply there was no one else in the world I was remotely as attracted to as I was to my husband. For the other six months, reasons like commitment, trust and not wanting it to happen to me came into play, not to mention fear of rejection by the other guy, not wanting to get caught, and not really knowing if he’d be half-decent in bed anyway. But basically we’re in it for the long haul and an affair isn’t worth the risk.

I would not cheat because I love my husband and kids and It was my choice to marry him, If I didn’t love him then I could of said No when he ask me to marry him but I didn’t.. I want to build a life with him and only him..

Plus I don’t need another man in my life

Cheating is not about sex it is about revenge.

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