Do you think men are afraid to commit because women today are too easy and too promiscuous?

by nerosunero

Question by Java man: Do you think men are afraid to commit because women today are too easy and too promiscuous?
Do you agree that the reason why some men don’t respect women and don’t commit to women, is because the majority of women are too easy and don’t respect themselves? It used to be women were more chaste and saved herself for her husband. Now women are willing to give it up to just about anyone. As women have become more independent they’ve become less of a catch and that’s the reason why a lot of men won’t date women anymore or pay for dates like he used to.
@Al Bundy, that’s the reason why they won’t commit. They don’t trust her, given her history. They’ll think she’ll cheat on him with another man (or woman) and take some of his money in the process.

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Answer by Maize
IMPOSSIBLE! Women are infallible. Don’t cha kno?

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lol, no

men don’t wanna commit because a failed relationship can be very very expensive

No. Men have their own issues to work out and they SHOULD do that without blaming women for everything. Promiscuous women have no “self-respect” because they don’t adhere to what YOU think is good or appropriate? Yeah, dream the f*ck on. Men are not perfect or even worth holding out for. If you’re so hurt by promiscuous women, avoid them, genius.

Men are afraid to commit because 1. They want stay faithful , 2. They don’t want to hurt feelings , 3. They know what type of girl they’re dealing with (whore)

No, women’s so-called “promiscuity” has nothing to do with it, in my opinion. In fact, I don’t know where you get this information from that women are too easy. I could ask you right now when’s (or if) the last time you got laid, and odds are: you probably aren’t getting these “easy girls” on a daily basis.

I think men are not interested in committing for many reasons. They include the fact that guys barely get anything out of it and that females are hypergamous, so why bother getting with her if she’ll leave you the moment she finds a secure, safe bet, with a guy who is better than you?

In many cases. There is a sneaking, underlying feeling that if she is so easy with you, how easy is she with others?

Sad, but true. Not only that but you find yourself deeply into a relationship almost immediately and long before you even have a chance to get to know her, since the nature of women remains that if you sleep with them they own you.

I assume most people who don’t want to commit in that way don’t do it because the type of commitment they are dreaming of is impossible in today’s world of no-fault divorce.

I have nothing against no-fault divorce, I’m very much in favor of it; but it automatically negates the possibility of a true commitment that forces you to work through the problems, rather than escaping at the first sight of trouble.

Marriage doubles a man’s responsibilities and halves his freedom.

Marriage is only of benefit to women. Men lose out: If the relationship is successful, he is still stuck with ONE woman (who, once the ring is on, may become a vicious tyrant who gains a hundred pounds).

If the relationship fails, he gets taken to the cleaners.

There is no upside.

men are not afraid of commitment

the question no man will hear is

“will you marry me”

no instead we date you for 2 years then buy you a nice ring, yeah no it’s us men that have commitment issues.

Sometimes the only appropriate response is *face palm*.
Do you seriously believe this rubbish?
It takes two to tango, men sleep around too. Men go out and get laid, have one night stands and sleep with women on the first date yet it’s not considered promiscuity…although god knows why!
I think the problem is too many men are surfing this part of the internet, where stereotypes are advocated as truth. Too many people believe that the real world and real relationships are as black and white as ‘women are evil, men get used by evil women’. That’s not how it is. People are individuals, start looking at and treating people as such and you’ll find someone who doesn’t fit this ridiculous stereotype that you have built in your head.

“If she was this easy for me, I wonder how easy she would be for some other guy that came along…”

That’s how MOST guys think. In my current relationship I worried about that for months on end. We’re a very serious couple, but there’s always that thought in the back of your head.

That and because divorces are extremely expensive…and unfortunately (for whatever reason in today’s society) the “emotionally distraught” female of the situation gets most of the money.

Almost everyone is making some pretty good points for this question. Here’s my opinion:

1) I believe the main factor that’s scaring men away is the high divorce rate, and the chances of the man coming out shorthanded. Odds are in the woman’s favor when a marriage ends in divorce even, often times, if she is technically to blame for the failure of the marriage (all she has to do is claim that she was afraid that he would hurt her in some way and the courts automatically stand on her side).

2) Women are indeed generally hypergamous, which makes a successful woman intimidating to men (they feel like they have to compete with her financially, and always stay in the lead, otherwise she may decide to find a “better man”).

3) Successful men are afraid that the only reason a woman is interested in him is for his success and his money (particularly if she is no where near his own level of success… which puts him in an odd position, because if she is, he may still be afraid that she will eventually look for someone who is more successful).

4) Women are, as you say, too easy. Men often like to try and sleep with as many women as they can, but they tend to respect you more if you aren’t willing to jump into bed with them as soon as you start dating. It’s not always about how easy she is (even though, some guys really do appreciate a challenge, and if she’s too easy she simply isn’t challenging enough… and it does lead to the question “will she be able to resist another mans seduction?” or something along the same lines), sometimes it’s actually because men want to know that women think better of them, than to assume that they HAVE to have sex with them in order to keep them… And sometimes it’s about them wanting to know that a woman has enough backbone and enough guts to stand up for herself and her own beliefs… Etc etc.

4) Men are afraid that, once they’re married, their wives wont want to have sex with them anymore (especially if they were willing to have sex before they were married… they’re afraid that the frequency of sex may decrease, even if it has a short burst immediately after the wedding), and that their wives will stop caring enough to keep off the weight.

5) Men are aware that they may one day be tempted by another woman, and don’t want to have to worm their way out of anything in order to be with that person, or feel guilty because they had an affair.

6) Because women are having sex more promiscuously, they are also getting pregnant and having to raise children more frequently. When you have a child out of wedlock and then you get married, your chances of getting a divorce are increased… and if you are a single mother with children, men are more cautious about you because they will have not only one, but two or possibly more people to take care of, if they get married. (A single father has a better chance of finding a marriage partner because even women who don’t have children are more likely to say “he must be such a great father” and think it speaks wonders for his character… men, particularly those who don’t have children, are more likely to see the woman’s children as a lot more money that they’re going to have to spend.)

Ultimately, it’s because men hear so many horror stories about marriage and divorce. I don’t believe any one single reason is why men are afraid to get married, I think it’s a combination of at least a few reasons… some of which may not even be listed here.

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